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How similar is the career being a doctor and a coroner?


I am interested in becoming a doctor, but also hold a great interested in the profession of coroner. If I was to go through the whole medical school process and decided that I want to be a coroner instead would I be still able to change my career path? Better yet how can I explore both of these to field in depth so I will be able to choose one of them or is it possible to do something that falls in between the two. #healthcare #health #criminal-justice #criminal

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Updated Peabody, Massachusetts

Yes, you can definitely explore both. Being a coroner often means becoming a doctor first! When you go to medical school you'll be able to try out a couple of fields, including pathology. If you decide that you don't like pathology, you can switch focus to another field, or vice versa! The sooner you know the better, but once you know that you want to become a doctor, medical school is an immediate no brainer.