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Career Questions tagged Prosecution

Ro’s Avatar
Ro Aug 08 181 views

i'm going into eleventh grade and am considering becoming a criminal trial lawyer. what should i expect from the career?

last year in my english class, we read a book about a jury trying to come to a unanimous vote followed by a class trial based on a real case and i found it fascinating, it was my favorite unit of the class. thinking about it further made me think that maybe being a criminal trial lawyer could...

Addie’s Avatar
Addie Mar 11 184 views

How can I decide between becoming a defense lawyer or the prosecution.

I don't know how to decide between defense and prosecution, what are some push/pulls or pros/cons?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Oct 05, 2016 664 views

What are the requirements to be a fraud investigator?

I am interested in doing fraud investigations and I've research the job description, but nothing is really giving me an exact answer. The answers I'm interested in are about: Do you have to be a police officer? Does extent knowledge in math required? #prosecution

Hafsah’s Avatar
Hafsah May 17, 2016 786 views

Is Criminal Defense Attorney a rewarding job?

I would like to become a Criminal Defense attorney and I just want to learn more about the career. #career #law #school #attorney #criminal #criminal-defense #prosecution