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joan W. Sep 24, 2019 139 views

What colleges re the best for engineering in "green energy"

I am a high school junior. I am interested in going to a college that will help me find a career in a new green energy career. #new industry #college #green...

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Emily G. Aug 02, 2019 141 views

What tips are out there for a new creative writing club?

This upcoming school year, I'll be a senior. I'm trying to build up a creative writing club so I can teach other students and share the same passion. What tips would others like to share of having a good creative writing club? #writing #creative-writing...


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Zyi'Nyia M. May 14, 2019 112 views
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Amy M. Aug 27, 2018 254 views
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Tristan M. Dec 15, 2014 6746 views

How can I job shadow a commercial pilot?

This is an assignment for me. Thank you to anyone who helped #job #pilot...


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Brianna C. Sep 29, 2017 656 views

What is the average class size of upper-division courses in larger colleges?

I attend a very small high school. There are roughly 52 students in my senior class. I would like to enroll in a large college, but i do not know if it will be too much for me. #size #college...


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Leion E. Aug 12, 2016 1176 views

Cyber Cafe- How lucrative is starting an internet cafe?

I'm interested in starting an internet cafe and am curious to know how potentially lucrative this type of business could be. #new #florida #cafe...


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Leion E. Jun 25, 2016 593 views

career advice

should networking students pursue a degree or career in computer science? #new #new-york #electric...


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Lowry G. May 20, 2016 445 views

Where can i go for fast college applications?

I have to fill out 2 university applications quickly...


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Hafsah B. May 17, 2016 756 views

What are the main things I should know before becoming a Criminal Defense Attorney?

My career choice is to become a criminal defense attorney but I would like to know some insight in the career before I go and peruse it. #law #attorney #criminal #information #new #criminal-defense #defense...


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Cara-Ann S. May 16, 2016 558 views

What are the best ways to prepare for college, and the #1 tip for a Freshman?

I start college in the Fall! My emotions consist of excitement, nervousness, a bit anxious, but mostly extremely enthusiastic! What would be the #1 tip for a freshman who wants to succeed throughout college, and feel prepared when launching off to leave? #college #studying-tips #freshman...


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Itzell H. May 04, 2016 505 views

Do you feel more responsible with a job?

I want to be a business owner when I grow up and I am asking this question because I want to be a responsible adult. #employee...


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Rai'mond H. Oct 29, 2015 629 views

How do you get a good paying job

Cause I want a job good paying #jobs...


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Marcella P. Apr 01, 2015 1051 views

How much money does a computer specialist make?

Hi my name is Marcella and I am in 12th grade. I am wondering how much money does a computer specialist make because I am thinking about working as one. I love going on computers. #computer #technology #money #learning #new...