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How much money does a computer specialist make?

Hi my name is Marcella and I am in 12th grade. I am wondering how much money does a computer specialist make because I am thinking about working as one. I love going on computers. #computer #technology #money #learning #new #specialist

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3 answers

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Gary’s Answer

Great question...I would strongly suggest narrowing down what you want to do in the computer field. I work for a large computer company in Texas and there are 100s of different careers...sales, technical, engineering, networking, support, etc.
Below is a good link I found for you that reviews the top ten computer careers, what the jobs are like, salary and more.

Please write me back if you have questions or I can help you more...good luck! :)

Thank you so much! I will look more into the computer field. I appreciate your answer. Marcella P.

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Heidi’s Answer

Gary's answer is true. What you specialize in will make a difference in your expected salary. In my career I make middle to upper-middle income for my area, with some college but no degree backed by 25 years of experience working in offices on computers, and 8 years specializing in Data Management (a growing specialty lately with Big-Data). Each computer industry job is different. If you enjoy patterns, things like jigsaw puzzles and genealogy (thinking processes - how things relate), Data Management might be for you!

I totally agree with Gary too. Marcella P.

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Sailen’s Answer

This depends on which specific area of computers you like to work on, which location you like to work at and what type of role you like to work as. Areas like San Francisco bay area or New York probably pays the most, but the cost of living is also high. Deeper you go into computer science with extensive knowledge more money you can make. You can be a CEO of a computer (software/hardware) maker or be an individual contributor like programmer or hardware designer. I guess, the money should not be the only criteria to choose - you need to love your work - and more you do so, the return will automatically come. As you are a senior in HS, I would suggest go for computers if that is what interests you - but be true to yourself and do what your heart likes to do (in terms of work) - rewards will automatically come in terms of money, fame and pleasure. Hope this helps...

Thank you so much Sailen! Marcella P.

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