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Cyber Cafe- How lucrative is starting an internet cafe?

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I'm interested in starting an internet cafe and am curious to know how potentially lucrative this type of business could be. #new #florida #cafe #york

Hi there Adakis! I edited your post by moving your question from the description body to the question heading. That being said, what is it about internet cafe's that interests you? Are you interested in what parts of the world have potential needs for internet services? Or are you interested in learning more about the types of potential business opportunities that exist in certain areas of the world? A more detailed question might help you get even better answers from professionals! Thank you again for your contribution to CareerVillage. Have an awesome day! David Ohta COACH

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Cyber Cafe

Cyber cafes exist these days as a mainstream provider of entertainment to gamers all around. While the gamers are busy entertaining themselves with the latest games or software, they may also snack on a pastry or have a sip of coffee. Not only do cyber cafes have entertainment for gamers, they also provide internet services. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages of visiting a cyber cafe.


There are some advantages of visiting a cyber cafe and one of them includes meeting others who might be interested in the same technology as you are. The visitors of a cyber cafe have access to Internet service at a very reasonable price. The prices mostly run on an hourly basis. There are also no restrictions placed on who is allowed to use the Internet. Another advantage is if you are an intense gamer, you could run into other games and connect electronically and compete with each other. Cyber cafes also lend computers out that are installed with the most currently updated games and software. A cyber cafe is equipped with all the software or hardware connection that any visitor would need, making their experience worthwhile. Some may even find that using a computer constantly at a cyber cafe is less expensive than owning a home computer.


As there are advantages to a cyber cafe, there are also disadvantages. One of the disadvantages includes the risk of personal information that is typed into a computer being available to unwanted parties. This can includes things like typing a password for an email account or typing in credit card information. Unwanted parties are able to steal your information, which could lead to the possibility of stealing your identity. A precaution for protecting your information is to close the browser on the computer after you are finished with it. By doing so, you are erasing any information that you may have typed in the browser. Another disadvantage is that a cyber cafe might not be as relaxing as being on the computer in your own home with you using a computer sitting up surrounded by other people.