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What are the best ways to prepare for college, and the #1 tip for a Freshman?

I start college in the Fall! My emotions consist of excitement, nervousness, a bit anxious, but mostly extremely enthusiastic! What would be the #1 tip for a freshman who wants to succeed throughout college, and feel prepared when launching off to leave? #college #studying-tips #freshman #new

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3 answers

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Jenny’s Answer

Hello again Cara-Ann!

I am so excited for you! YAY COLLEGE! You are going to have a blast!

Here is my #1 tip for incoming Freshman: Don't worry about your major right now - be open to lots of different classes and experiences. You have plenty of time to worry about your major, and what you want to "do in life" down the road. For now, be open to different courses that will help you learn and experience what it is you are truly passionate about. Most often than not, passions change over time, so don't pressure yourself to have all the answers now. Have fun, be open, and stay diligent!

Best of luck!

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Andrea’s Answer

My number one tip is to pick a day to do laundry and to do it every week on that day. Don't let it build up. Also, don't eat junk food 24/7 but don't get too mad at yourself if you do. If you mess up and choose to not study for something and get a bad grade, don't give up completely. Just try harder next time. Also, be friendly to everyone. Be open to making new kinds of friends.

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Cara-Ann!

You asked some very important questions!!!!!! Some of this information I learned the hard way!!!!!!!!!??!!??!!





Also, as soon as possible contact the alumni relations person at the college you will be attending to locate graduates of that school who were in your career interest area (preferably local people), so that you can talk to them to learn about the school, major, courses, professors, etc, etc,. This will prepare you in an invaluable way for your freshman year. Also, you might be able to visit these people on their job during the summer so you will become more familiar with the career you are intending to pursue. This will allow you to get a very important inside view of the career area. The inside view may be much different that the current outside view that you have.

Please keep me informed. I would like to follow your progress. Please keep me informed. I would like to follow your progress! Where are you going to college and what is your major?