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Do you feel more responsible with a job?

Asked Austin, Texas

I want to be a business owner when I grow up and I am asking this question because I want to be a responsible adult. #employee #new

2 answers

Susan’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Absolutely! Having a job helps pay the bills of course - paychecks are great - but it comes with such a sense of accomplishment and contribution to the world. I feel I'm pulling my weight - I'm contributing to society in meaningful ways, I'm building a community of friends at work, I'm learning new things, I sleep well at night knowing I did my best.

Kelly’s Answer

Updated California, California

Yes! Getting a job gives you so much more than just a paycheck (which is important too!) - it gives you access to a community of people with whom you work, that, in some cases, become lifelong friends. It also gives you a great sense of accomplishment when you successfully tackle a large project, solve a complex problem, or work well within a team (a few examples). It gives you an opportunity to learn things you may never have learned before - so yes, I feel more responsible having a job, but I also feel more successful, more productive and more accomplished!