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How does an out-state student best adjust to a new state, people, and environment?

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3 answers

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Cassandra’s Answer

Hi Amy,

Congratulations on taking this new step in your life! I personally moved from New York to North Carolina, and had a very positive experience. My first suggestion would be, if possible, to take a week or so to visit the area you will be relocating to before moving. This can help you feel a little more comfortable once you actually make your big move. With that being said, I may also suggest to join local social media groups for your area, such as Facebook groups. I found that this was a great way to learn about the area, and even make some acquaintances before I moved. There are many changes that can come with moving, especially to an area that is relatively unfamiliar, so remember to consider your support system, such as your friends and family, to help get you through the early days of adjusting. I wish you luck on your new step!

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Theresa (Tisa)’s Answer

Hi Amy
This answer may be too late for you but i wanted to share just in case others may find this helpful. I completely resonate with your question, as i went to 20 different schools from kindergarten to high school, in 3 different states. As an adult, i have lived in 5 different states.
Here are couple of tips to adjusting to a new city, school, and such. First, be yourself. New people will take to you when you are being yourself. The first thing i do when i moved to a new city is explore. I love movies. I make a point of going to a movie in a new area of town each time. This helps me explore the various neighborhoods and understand the flavor of each. Helps to find the one that best suits me.
Meetup is the greatest app ever. It helps you find people with like interests. Always of course meet people in public and be cautious.
Be open to listening and getting to know people that are different. Find a couple of things that you like, either a place to eat or hang out that you like. That way if you find things you dont like about your new city, you can focus and build on the items that are positive.

To help you feel like you have a bit of "home" with you, decorate your space with the things you love most and remind you of home. It will provide comfort with you are feeling homesick.
Be patient and as i said, be yourself.

I hope you are successful in whatever you do.

good Luck

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Jo’s Answer

Relocation can be a very stressful or most enjoyable / memorable experience. If you had an opportunity to spend some time before in the area, as suggested before, it always helps. You may want to use Meetup / Eventbrite to check activities that are happening in the area (there are plenty that are either at nominal cost or are for free). Another way that helps to get to know people is to offer to "teach" others your hobby or something that you can do really well. You can volunteer to teach this skill to other students etc. You can either post this on social media or find out if your school offers space where you can volunteer. It sounds cliché but it's good to keep your mind open and learn to push yourself out of the comfort zone.