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Theresa (Tisa) Fortin

Senior Technology Program Manager
Dallas, TX
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Ali G. May 08, 2016 2280 views

How did you choose what company to work for?

I am interested in a job in technology, but i'm not sure how to go about deciding what company to work for. How did you pick the company you are working at? What factors did you take into consideration?...


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Rene M. Nov 22, 2019 347 views
sophia L.’s Avatar
sophia L. Jan 01, 2020 521 views

I dont have a clue on what to do with my life

I don't know what i want to do. That scares me. I've taken so many "personal" job quizzes but none of them have what i'm looking for, and i don't even know what i'm looking for. Im just scared that one day when i'm 30 i'm gonna wake up and realize that i made the wrong decision. How will I know...

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