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How can I job shadow a commercial pilot?

This is an assignment for me. Thank you to anyone who helped #job #pilot #new

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3 answers

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Martin’s Answer

It's great that you're interested in commercial aviation! I was hooked when I was able to "job shadow" my dad, who is now a retired airline captain. While some things have changed, as far as security is concerned, after 9/11, there are still ways we can show you the career and get you out to the airport and to a plane. Let me know what major airport you are close by and I will see what I can do. There are also organizations such as Young Eagles, AOPA, and the Civil Air Patrol that you can join. Either way, I'd be glad to help in any way that I can. Good luck and blue skies!

Hey I live near Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport and would love to shadow a commercial pilot. I am 16 and studying to get my private pilots license while also looking at UND for college. Thanks! Blake E.

Hey... i am turning 16 this year.. i live in Johannesburg... (closest to OR Tambo international airport) ..i would love to shadow a pilot... please can you assist me in getting connections to do so Umm-e-Farwa Z.

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Calvin’s Answer

The best route is finding somebody that you know that can connect you with a pilot. Because of regulatory limitations, commercial airlines may be a bit harder to get an opportunity to shadow for.

An alternate step would be to find a local aviation club at a small airstrip and call the front office there. Asking about shadowing opportunities is usually supported, welcome, and easier to find at that scale.

Due to Faa regs i dont think you will be able to shadow a commercial pilot. I would look for a flight school in your local area and talk to a certified flight instructor and ask if you could shadow them. Next option would be to go to a flight safety international where they do a lot of simulator training. One last option look for an air taxi company locally and talk to them. Good luck. Larry T.

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Mason’s Answer

The best way I know of to shadow a commercial pilot is to get involved in an internship with an airline. By doing so you'll have a company ID which will be required to access the aircraft while being escorted, and many airlines who run internship programs will also have mentors who can show you what each job at the airline entails, including pilots

Hey, Mason, I live in Wisconsin just outside of Milwaukee I noticed your post and had a question if you know of any internships that are available where I would be given that ID to be able to do the shadow. I, ve also flown skywest before through delta. You guys are fantastic! Jackson M.