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at what age should a person start their training in music industry

#student #new to singing and song writing

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3 answers

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Keira’s Answer

Hi, Kavya! I would recommend to practice and take lessons as soon as you can. If you have opportunities to sing in a choir or perform at talent shows, take advantage of them. Look externally to see if there are any local programs or summer camps that offer music training. There is no wrong time to start working on your passion!

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Paul’s Answer

Music is one of those careers where there's no age limit. Many successful artists started as a young child singing in church choirs or something similar. High school musicals are another source. Starting your own band is another. Buying instruments and equipment to record your own songs or performances is another. Taking lessons, and taking school classes in choir, orchestra, etc are other options.

There's almost no such thing as bad experience when it comes to performing or learning music. The more you play, the more you learn.

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Ramya’s Answer

Hi Kavya,

There is no specific time to start, so long as you are passionate and have the talent you can start right away.
Enrol to a nearby music class ans start taking lessons of the type of music which you wish to learn.
Also start taking part in competitions to get an on stage experience and get rid of stage fear.
Lastly keep practising and you will surely achieve what you want!