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Keira Vollandt

Admissions Graduate Assistant
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Bronxville, New York
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Amy’s Avatar
Amy Nov 20, 2019 547 views

In order to be a choreographer, do you have to be able to dance to the level of your choreography?

#dance #career

jesse’s Avatar
jesse Oct 25, 2019 360 views

How much cash can i get from scholarships

Me like money, Me get good grades, Me like school


kavya’s Avatar
kavya Nov 01, 2019 595 views

at what age should a person start their training in music industry

#student #new to singing and song writing

Aimaya’s Avatar
Aimaya Sep 23, 2019 579 views

Do most physical therapist work with athletes

#physical-therapist #physical #physical-therapy

hailey’s Avatar
hailey Nov 08, 2019 431 views

how long do you have to be in school for a graphic designer

how many years what do you have to have etc etc etc #school

d’s Avatar
d Nov 12, 2019 507 views

im trying to find out what profession would be a great fit for me

I'm a #college #student my major is social work. I love listening to r&b #music. I like to stay at home and watch funny movies. I love to listen to other people problems. I love spending time alone and talk on the phone with my sister which is my bestfriend. I like to try new things but not by...

Adaline’s Avatar
Adaline Nov 19, 2019 557 views

What’s better, Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree?

My name is Adaline, I am 22 years old and a mom of 1. I like to see the bright side of things. I’m interested in the medical field, and I want to be a Registered Nurse.
#nurse #medicine

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Aug 30, 2019 521 views

Where will I go to find a career dealing with dance.?

My name is Taylor Butler I am 18 years old and I attend Paul Simon Job Corps. I'm looking for a career that is dealing with my trade which is CNA , also looking for something that is dealing with dance
#dance #college #art #career

Alembert’s Avatar
Alembert Mar 13, 2018 2391 views

How hard is it to get a BFA?

In a couple years, I'll be heading off to college, and I wanted to know how much effort it would take to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

#college #degree #bachelorsdegree