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how long do you have to be in school for a graphic designer

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how many years what do you have to have etc etc etc #school

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Keira’s Answer

Hi, Hailey! I have worked in Advertising doing copywriting, but I worked directly with graphic designers and art directors. Most of the graphic designers I know completed a Bachelor’s degree in Communications or Art. That would be a 4 year commitment. Usually, an art program will offer a BFA (which requires a portfolio), and a Communications program will offer a BS (which does not require a portfolio). You could also opt to go to an Ad School, which specifically trains graphic designers on how to design for advertising.

Keira recommends the following next steps:

  • Think about what level of educational commitment you can make.
  • Start practicing and creating work for a portfolio.
  • Contact schools with this degree to get more information on what they look for.