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What colleges re the best for engineering in "green energy"

I am a high school junior. I am interested in going to a college that will help me find a career in a new green energy career. #new industry #college #green energy

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2 answers

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Harry’s Answer

The US News Report on college rankings shows the top “graduate/advanced degree” educational programs in Environmental Engineering are; UC-Berkeley; Stanford; U. Michigan; Georgia Tech; U. Illinois; U. Texas; Carnegie Mellon; Virginia Tech; Yale; Cornell; Duke; and MIT. However, that does not indicate the undergraduate/BS programs are ranked the same, nor does it confirm that each of these universities even has an undergraduate program in Environmental Engineering. If you are interested in a particular university, search for engineering BS educational programs offered on the university website.

I do not believe there is a published ranking of undergraduate programs. The College Navigator college search application (https://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/?s=all&p=14.1401&l=93) shows 98 colleges nationwide with a BS level educational program in Environmental Engineering (or Environmental Health Engineering).

The tuition costs for a public university in your state of residence are going to be significantly less costly than any out-of-state public university of any private university.

Environmental Engineering undergraduate programs in the state of Ohio are at;
University of Toledo
University of Cincinnati
Ohio State University

Environmental Engineering undergraduate programs in the state of Michigan are at;
Michigan State University
University of Michigan

There are some community colleges that offer associate degree programs in technological aspects of green energy.
For example, Northwest Michigan College offers an associates program in Renewable Energy Technology (https://www.nmc.edu/programs/academic-programs/renewable-energy-technology-electrical/index.html).
And, in the state of Ohio, Owens Community College offers an associates program in Alternative Energy - Photovoltaic Technology (https://www.owens.edu/academics/program/alternative-energy-photovoltaic-technology.html).

Harry recommends the following next steps:

Visit an academic advisor for the Environmental Engineering BS program at the University of Toledo
Visit an academic advisor at Owens Community to learn about the alternative energy program

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Robert’s Answer

I know Yale is very strong in green energy. They have one of the top departments for it.