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Joe’s Avatar
Joe Feb 29, 2020 578 views

What’s the best angle to approach colleges if you don’t have the best GPA? SAT, Extracurriculars, or something else?

#college-admissions #college #college-advice #sat

julian’s Avatar
julian Sep 24, 2019 249 views

Best school to go to for PT?

That way I can get an idea of where the best is to hopefully go there. #college

joan’s Avatar
joan Sep 24, 2019 395 views

What colleges re the best for engineering in "green energy"

I am a high school junior. I am interested in going to a college that will help me find a career in a new green energy career. #new industry #college #green energy

Lorna’s Avatar
Lorna Aug 21, 2018 456 views

Is a 3+3 accelerated program for physical therapists really worth it?

Instead of the traditional 4+2 program for physical therapy, some students choose 3+3 because it is one year shorter. However, is the workload too much to handle? #physical-therapist #programs #college #physical-therapy #therapy

Nancy’s Avatar
Nancy May 12, 2020 2359 views

What's a good coding language to start with?

It's part of my major, I want to start now learning it, so it will be easy to understand when classes open again?

#computer #major #information-technology #technology #computer-software #coding #codingcamp #bootcamp #COVID19 #career #college #student

joe’s Avatar
joe May 06, 2020 572 views

what career should i pick

hi I'm steve - bill wurtz

#career #college #career-choice #teaching #job

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah May 06, 2020 428 views

Is it a good idea to go PhD program from professional master's program?

I am a graduate student in a professional school. I began the program envisioning being a product manager, but I realized that I wanted to be a scholar than working for a business. Do you think it is wise to pivot my career and throw the investment that I made at the professional school and...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Apr 12, 2020 238 views

If I want to become a doctor, what should I major in in college?

#doctor #college-major