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Mia’s Avatar
Mia Nov 22, 2021 336 views

how many years does it take to become a lawyer?

i wanted to know this because i always thought it took a really long time an didnt know if i should study something else at the same time #college #lawyer #time-management

Kyana’s Avatar
Kyana Aug 02, 2021 287 views

How long do you have to go to school for to be a Contract Lawyer?

I'm in high school right now and deciding what degree I want to get first for when I go to college and want to know what will help decrease the time in school. #college #law #college-selection

Amyah’s Avatar
Amyah May 20, 2021 297 views

How many years will it take for me to become a judge and what is the salary of a judge ?

#doctor #lawyer #lawschool #mastersdegree

Nyasia’s Avatar
Nyasia Jun 01, 2021 273 views

What do you like most about being a lawyer and what do you like least about being a lawyer

#lawyer #business-lawyer #lawyers

Raeshawnna’s Avatar
Raeshawnna Aug 06, 2021 300 views

What are all the requirements to being a lawyer

#law #lawyer #law-enforcement

Bri'Shona’s Avatar
Bri'Shona Aug 06, 2021 343 views

What are some good steps/tips to become a lawyer?

I am a incoming junior at Cass Technical High School. I get good grades, I'm on the debate team, honor society, and I would like to go to Spelman College #lawyer #Spelman

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Oct 26, 2020 298 views

How did you know you wanted to become a Lawyer

I am in 8th grade. My class is picking 3 jobs that we we are interested in. I decide to choose a lawyer for the first job. I hope you guys respond . #lawyer #futrurejob

Karoline’s Avatar
Karoline Aug 26, 2020 363 views

How big are college classes?

#college #class-size

Ja'Terika’s Avatar
Ja'Terika Aug 24, 2020 337 views

What is the best way to becoming a lawyer?

I am in the 11th grade. I want to becomes a lawyer since could remember. #lawyer

Henry’s Avatar
Henry May 17, 2020 433 views

How did you get the money to pay for college?

#college #student

Lucky’s Avatar
Lucky Aug 31, 2019 344 views

What is the most important thing that u have u do to become a professional lawyer

I'm a kind,intelligent,passionate and I love team work because I believe that nothing beat up many ideas #lawyer

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Apr 12, 2020 320 views

What advice would help me aspiring to be a lawyer?

What are some things I can do in high school to help me become a lawyer in the future? #lawyer #law

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Apr 12, 2020 356 views

What do Lawyers do immediately after law school?

This question is asked in the context of opening their own practice or joining a firm #law-school #lawyer #attorney

Dangelo’s Avatar
Dangelo Sep 20, 2019 443 views

How long will it take to get a batchlors degree in law school


Peyton’s Avatar
Peyton Nov 20, 2019 224 views

Where are the best places to intern to become a lawyer?

What states do most lawyers go to intern?