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Tamera P. Mar 27, 2018 673 views

Which law schools have notable programs in international human rights law?

I've looked around a little at law schools before, and it seems like most keep their international law and human rights programs separate. I could be wrong in how this works (feel free to correct me!) but are there any reputable or notable programs that actually combine both? How might I...

#law-practice #law-school #international-humanitarian-law #law

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Sanaii W. Dec 31, 2018 418 views
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Tanisha S. Apr 25, 2019 128 views

What subjects we need to take in high school to become a lawyer

#laywer we should take science maths social science and...

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Eduardo L. Sep 16, 2019 117 views

Is a lawyer a good job

I am a 8th grader #lawyer...


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Anna R. Jan 30 121 views

What is it like to be a Lawyer?

I have been wondering since I was five? #law #criminal-justice...


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Galicia G. Feb 02 178 views

What should students take away from law school?

Interested in legal affairs, and wanted additional information! #law #lawyer #law-school #attorney #law-practice...

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Deondre B. Feb 24 125 views
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Joe J. Feb 28 131 views

What is the most useful undergraduate major for law school? Are there any parts of law school that I would be better prepared for with a particular undergraduate major?

I am a senior in high school and my interests are fairly wide-ranging. I plan on eventually attending law school, but I am undecided on school I will attend and undergraduate major. #college...


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Franklin N. May 17 114 views