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how much does law school cost?

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5 answers

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Kent’s Answer

Hi Jessica!

Law school can cost a lot of money depending on where you go to school, but there are affordable options.

Ivy League law schools (Harvard, Yale, Duke, Stanford, etc.) can be very expensive ($100,000 or more per year!), but public universities can cost much less ($40,000 or less/year). If you want to know the cost of a particular school, thankfully, that information can usually be found quite easily on the internet.

If you think the cost of law school may be an issue for you, I will tell you that often there is financial assistance available. When I attended law school, I couldn't afford it without help from the government (loans, grants, work program). I was able to work during law school to help pay for expenses, and I received loans from the government to help pay for law school. Working full time as a lawyer after law school, I was able to pay off my law school loans (obviously if you borrower a lot of money, it will take you longer to pay off the loans).

Some schools allow part-time studies so you can work while you attend school, which may help you pay for school as you work.

Finally, while I think law school is a great investment, you want to think carefully about the cost of law school and the type of law you intend to practice. Some areas of law have jobs that pay more money than other areas, so do your research to make sure that you have some idea of whether the expense of law school makes sense for the kind of law you want to practice or how you may otherwise use it in your life (if you choose not to be a lawyer).

Hope this helps! Best of luck to you!

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DENNIS’s Answer

I'm with Donna - I went to school years ago! Law School can now go as high as $75,000.00 to $100,000.00 a year. Don't freak out by that! Like any school there are scholarships and ways to do it! I literally had no money when I went to law school. My parents could not help. I worked 30 hours a week and went to school full time. I went summers and finished school in two and a half years. If an idiot like me can do it you can too!!!! Save so you have a cushion for the first year and then work. After college I worked for 2 years and then went to grad school and got a Masters. After that I worked anoither 2 years and saved and went to law school. Had a cushion so I got my job second semester and worked from then on. It is doable. Don't worry about the price tag. You can do it! Schools vary in cost. Check with your selected school and see what can be done! Good luck!
Again, I see you're a New Yorker! As above, the ivy leagues are expensive. St. John's is a great school, Brooklyn Law, and several other NYC law schools are reasonable. Plus there are a ton of NYC firms that hire students to help and work and helps defer the cost!

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Donna’s Answer

It depends on the law school. You should be able to find out the answer to this by searching the schools' websites or talking to your law school advisor. My information would be outdated by many years.

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Job’s Answer

It depends on how many years you take to complete it. I did it in 3 years but knew people who took 6 years to finish. Additionally, it depends on the school. A law degree is expensive and you need to weigh the cost against the benefit of being an attorney. Finally, you need to figure out what type of law you desire to practice. Some areas pay well while others do not. If you are going to law school to take care of the environment or help the disadvantaged you should understand that you may not make much money and look at other areas of study for a degree that is not so expensive like social work.
I went to law school to make money. I studied real estate and taxation which made me a good living

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Blake’s Answer

It will most likely cost you over $100,000.