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What are some careers that you can go into with a Political Science degree?

I'm actually asking this for my brother. He would like to go into political science, but he doesn't know what he could do with that degree. He doesn't want to be a teacher or a there anything else? Thanks so much! #career #science #history #political-science #politics

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4 answers

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N’s Answer

Hello Ken,

This is a very interesting question

You can definitely make being politician a career, for sure

I personally think that with political science degree a career as a Journalist would be a great alternative.

Journalism has evolved to such an extent in this world of technology that it is far more than being just significant career field anymore.

Good luck!

Thank you comment icon Thank you for your answer! Angelina
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Ken’s Answer

Hi Angelina!

Here are some applications of a degree in political science:

Best of luck! Be true to yourself. The feeling and concept of success is yours - and is very personal. Let me know if this is of help.

Thank you comment icon Thank you! Your answer was very helpful and informative to me. Thanks again! Angelina
Thank you comment icon You are very welcome. Let me know what happens next. I would like to follow your progress. Ken Simmons
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Krista’s Answer

With a political science background, an individual can navigate multiple pathways through nonprofit organizations as well as government and corporate positions. In Ohio, you can review the Joint Legislative Ethics Committe (JLEC) site for a list of all registered lobbyists and clients and see what topics are of interest to you @
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naveen’s Answer

Political Science with Management. Mass communication is the process while media are the vehicles that drive the process. The basic difference between mass media and mass communication rests on the fact that mass media is a channel through which mass communication contents are delivered to the public. mass media ie, is a channel.
The following are the fields where you can find entry
• Advertising.
• Journalism.
• Public relations.
• Social media.
• Audio media.
• Convergence.
• Civil services.
• Administration.
• International Affairs.
• Parliamentarians
• Politicians