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Nolan Feb 24, 2021 354 views

What major should someone who wants to be involved in politics pursue?

I am in the 10th grade and still deciding what I want to do for a career when I am older. I either want to be involved with politics or in the business world. I am just wondering what the most popular majors are for someone with a goal of becoming involved in politics and government. #politics...

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Dec 15, 2022 224 views

How should I go about starting and growing a career in politics?

I am a high-school senior who is looking to get my start in the business of politics. I am planning to go to college for political science and would like to become a political speech writer. Possibly even becoming a politician myself some day. How should I start paving my path?

Kira’s Avatar
Kira Jul 19, 2016 2620 views

What challenges do women face in male dominated workplaces?

I'm looking for a future in government and foreign affairs, following in my mother's footsteps, and I've always been curious of the effects of gender imbalances in government on women. #government #women #government-relations

David’s Avatar
David Sep 28, 2022 273 views

Total cost for 4 years of college

How much does it cost to go to college for 4 years (including tuition, living expenses, etc.)?

Mira’s Avatar
Mira Mar 18, 2021 325 views

What classes do you recommend someone takes if they would like to work in the government?

I'm in middle school and taking a career class. After I took a survey, government was one of the suggested paths I got. I'm interested in learning more about how the career path of government works. #career #government

Serenity’s Avatar
Serenity May 09, 2016 803 views

What is it like to be a Capitol Hill Lobbist?

I am a high school senior and my intended major in college is political science. I know that I want to be a political insider of some sort. I researched lobbying and I can't seem to find much information. How does one become a lobbyist? What do they do on a daily basis? Do they get to travel...

Isabeth’s Avatar
Isabeth Jul 14, 2019 1200 views

How can I make connections in the field of politics and government as a high school student?

#social-media #government #networking #college #internship #government #politics #high-school #career # #career-advice #connections #activities #diplomat #lobbyist #public-policy

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Nov 29, 2021 323 views

What is the best way to find entry-level government jobs?

I am a Political Science major and would like to do policy-related work for a government agency. #government #political-science #college-major #career

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david Apr 17, 2019 14810 views

Common interview questions

#interviews #job-application #job-search

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jennifer Apr 08, 2022 456 views

what was the most challenging part?

like was it difficult finding a job? or overall what was the hardest part? and what advice do you recommend?

Jill’s Avatar
Jill Dec 22, 2014 948 views

What are some of the most satisfactory aspects of being a politician?

I am interested in politics and potentially in majoring in political science in college. I am curious as to what motivates politicians to deal with the sometimes taxing issues that they are faced with on a daily basis. #politics

TerrellCodman3’s Avatar
TerrellCodman3 Jan 11, 2012 1478 views

what Kind Of Jobs Does People Do If Working For The Goverment

I Want To Work For The Government #government

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Mar 20, 2017 1997 views

How to write a good resume?

Now i try to find internship #resume #job-application

Jolleen’s Avatar
Jolleen Aug 12, 2019 638 views

If job applications have a section to upload your Resume, but don't have a section to upload your Cover Letter, do you attach the Cover Letter to your Resume?

Not sure if every company has separate sections for uploading Resumes and Cover Letters, but I've ran into both situations and wasn't sure if you're supposed to attach the cover letter when there is only an "Upload Resume" section. #Coverletter #resume #application #job-application

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jun 15, 2018 652 views

How to write a resume for an internship?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #resume...