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Kira Jul 19, 2016 1662 views

How do you write a decent cover letter?

I need to build my resume and make it complete and professional. #resume #resume-writing #cover-letters #job-application

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Kira Jul 19, 2016 2935 views

What challenges do women face in male dominated workplaces?

I'm looking for a future in government and foreign affairs, following in my mother's footsteps, and I've always been curious of the effects of gender imbalances in government on women. #government #women #government-relations

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Kira Jul 19, 2016 1064 views

What can I do to better prepare me for a career in the foreign service?

My dream is to be a foreign service officer for the State Department and I know that you can intern at certain Embassies but I'm not sure what else to do to prepare for a career in government. #internships #government #international-affairs #international-relations #foreign-affairs...

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Kira Jul 12, 2016 1155 views

Is graduate school really necessary?

I'm a rising third year in college and I'm struggling with deciding on future career plans and whether to continue my education or not. While I know it can help, I don't know tangible benefits of going to grad school. #graduate-school #graduate-programs #graduate-development

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Kira Jul 12, 2016 1700 views

How do you network?

I have a pretty vague conception of what networking is and how you do it and why it is beneficial. #networking #social-networking #computer-networking #network

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Kira Jul 12, 2016 3281 views

What are some tips for staying calm during a tough interview?

I'm generally pretty level-headed, but when the pressure is on and difficult questions are being asked I tend to get a little off track. I need help! #job-search #interviews #college-jobs #interviewing-skills #interview-preparation