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Clifford Khent C. Mar 06, 2018 282 views
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Stacia S. Aug 31, 2017 1253 views

How important is grad school for a advertising degree?

Am currently in college as an advertising major and considering the option of grad school. Is it important or worth it to go and do it or just go out in the world and begin a job? #gradschool #advertising #marketing-and-advertising...


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Georgia B. Feb 01, 2017 633 views

Is taking a year out of university/college to gain a year of experience in industry really necessary?

Obviously gaining industry experience before graduating is great but how important would you rate it? Would it strongly differentiate between two potential candidates? How valued for a graduate job would it be? Even if the experience isn't completely relevant to the job. Are graduates looked...

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Nicole C. Jan 23, 2017 777 views

What qualifies as professional experience when applying to Business School?

A requirement for some graduate business programs is a minimum of two years of professional experience but what type of jobs qualify as this? Can a part-time job fulfill this requirement? #college #business #graduate-school #graduate-programs...


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Debra Z. Dec 27, 2016 467 views
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Debra Z. Dec 27, 2016 608 views

What do graduate schools focus on in the admissions process?

I have heard that graduate programs will first look at GPA, which will then remove the unqualified students. #graduate-school #college-admissions #masters #college-recruiting #graduate-recruitment...


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Debra Z. Dec 26, 2016 725 views
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Morgan T. Oct 31, 2016 465 views

How many volunteer/interning hours should I try to have before applying for veterinarian programs?

Also anything relating to what I could have on my application that would make me more valuable, or appealing, over other candidates! #college #graduate #veterinary #veterinary-medicine...


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Morgan T. Oct 31, 2016 710 views

What Veterinarian programs are the hardest/easiest to get into?

Wanting to apply to as many as I need to, but don't want to waste time at some! #college #veterinary...


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Alexandra C. Oct 05, 2016 558 views

When should psychology majors looking to pursue a Ph.D. program plan to enter said program?

I'm currently a freshman psychology major, but I want to start planning early for what I want to do upon graduating with my bachelors. I'd like to become a psychology professor and researcher. I've heard a number of different options for this...1.) You can attend a grad program straight out of...

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Mitchell A. Sep 14, 2016 672 views

Does every Psychology major necessarily need graduate school?

I am currently debating on attending graduate school and continuing my education for a Master's Degree. My main concern is that if I decide to not further do my education will it make things harder for myself in the long run to land a job. However, I understand that by getting your Masters you...

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Kira N. Jul 12, 2016 466 views

Is graduate school really necessary?

I'm a rising third year in college and I'm struggling with deciding on future career plans and whether to continue my education or not. While I know it can help, I don't know tangible benefits of going to grad school. #graduate-school #graduate-programs...


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Calvin K. Jun 22, 2016 562 views

Is getting a psychologist job even possible without higher education?

And by higher education I mean graduate school. Is it even possible to become a psychologist if I don't plan on going into graduate school? #psychology #graduate-school #masters #phd...


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Calvin K. Jun 04, 2016 921 views

How long does a Master's degree in Psychology take?

I've heard 2-3 years for most people, but never got a definite number. Can it take longer than 3 years? #psychology #graduate-school #masters...