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Gavan D. Jan 13, 2017 6083 views

What does a car designer do on a daily basis.

I am interested in designing the body of the car. I would like to know what someone in this field does on a day to day basis. #automobile-design...


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Leo A. Jun 22, 2016 386 views
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dinesh P. Jun 03, 2016 451 views

I want to know how to become an automobile engineer?

Hello i want to know what should i study to be come a automobile engineer? what to study in 11th & 12th grade and then what graduation and post-graduation should i do? #automobile #automobile-design...


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Vinay K. Mar 30, 2016 785 views
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Kentrell B. Mar 25, 2015 1415 views
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Dasan C. Dec 03, 2014 2469 views

I am interested in cars but I do not want to design them I would like to fix and build them. What major should I look into?

I am junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School and growing up I always liked cars. I use to collect toy cars and models of cars and still have them all. I collected small cars like Hot Wheels and bigger cars as well. I always took them apart and put them together. I always liked the movie...

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