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I choose stem as my strand in senior high but i want to peruse interior design in college is their i chance that i can apply interior design in college that i got a strand of stem in shs

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3 answers

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Desiree’s Answer

Full disclosure: I don't know about universities in the Philippines specifically. However, in general your focus in High School - esp something rooted in science, technology, engineering & math - shouldn't negatively impact your university major.

In your case, I think that having a broad technical/engineering background can be particularly helpful for interior design. (I am sure we've all seen the home renovation shows on TV where the interior designer wants to take down a structural, load bearing wall!) Part of being a great interior designer isn't just having creative ideas, it is about being able to implement them in reality. You need to be able to build/install/redesign in your client's real-world home/business -- which will have walls, wires and plumbing, and which require precise measurements, technical solutions, mechanical drawings for electricians and plumbers, impacts to heating, ventilation and cooling systems (HVAC), etc. The basics that a STEM background affords you will probably give you an advantage in the technical aspects of interior design.

Also, if you enjoyed your STEM courses and you love interior design, may I suggest you give some consideration to architecture as possible major? You may want to look into the pros/cons of architecture versus interior design as a career path. If you look at most design magazines and "to-the-trade" specialty providers, you'll see that designers AND ARCHITECTS are considered the "trade" (and often get discounts unavailable to the general public).

Desiree recommends the following next steps:

Think of all the ways STEM will help you implement interior designs in the real world and incorporate that into your college admissions process (essays, interviews)
Consider architecture in addition to interior design, reseach the differences in the courses required and the career prospects.

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Juan Lorenzo’s Answer

Hi Stephanie,

Interior designers, architects, and engineers usually work closely together in projects; and each of those professions specialize at their respective trades. Having knowledge in each field would definitely give you an edge as you will have a broader perspective in the projects you do which could help you adjust your work. If you feel that interior design is a career you can commit to and that your passion lies in that field, then pursue it.

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Akshita’s Answer

Yes absolutely! Since you are given an opportunity to choose a major as well as a minor in college, you can pick either one of the areas of study as your major and minor.