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Do I have to be good at drawing beforehand I take Interior Design for college or it can be learn in the said course?

I badly want to be an interior designer. My only worry is that I am not good at drawing. Though, I am willing to learn. Does it have subject to teach students on how to draw? Or we have to be naturally artsy. Does everyone who takes this course is naturally gifted of drawing abilities or some learn it in the process?

Will I have more stress than the normal student of Interior Design because I am not good at drawing? Or it can be learn?

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While i was in college i found that it was sketching more than intricate detailed drawings, but you learn as you go and nothing has to be perfect as long as you can show your ideas (annotations beside your sketches tend to help too) Morgan S.

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3 answers

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Ellen’s Answer

Hi Alexies

I agree with the previous answers, you don't have to be great at drawing, but you need to have a few basics. In interior design, you need to think about your drawings as a way of communicating ideas, not as finished works of art, so relax. Drawing takes practice, so be sure to take some art in your high school, and just do your best.

In addition, computer graphics have become more important in all fields in art , so knowing how to use a computer to make images will be an important skill for you to have. So think about taking some computer graphics classes while you are in high school.

Finally, as a previous responder noted, interior design is more about other aspects of art--color, texture, proportions, lighting, patterns and so on. Taking art classes in high school should give you experience in these areas (sometimes called the Elements and Principles of Design). You can and will learn drawing and computer skills in college, along with design principles in college, but it would be helpful for you to have experience before hand.

I would talk to your school's art teacher for more information.

Best wishes.

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Kofoworola Elizabeth’s Answer

You don't necessarily need to be good at drawing now. You can learn in college. However you can start practising.

Interior design isn't really about drawing though. You need to have a good eye for details, interest in decoration, effective space management etc.

Kofoworola Elizabeth recommends the following next steps:

Read more about interior design and get better understanding
Work on skills that will help you.

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Pam’s Answer

As other designers have commented, you do need to have some drawing skill to be an interior designer. Drawing is a learned skill though; you don't need to be naturally gifted. Take some classes, in art and particularly in drawing before you start in an interior design program if possible. At the very least, buy a book that asks you to draw some specific items and do at least one of these exercises each week. Read Betty Edwards book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. She also has a workbook that can be purchased with the text that has drawing exercises to do. More practice now will mean less stress later.