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Katrina R.’s Avatar
Katrina R. Katrina R. Jun 18, 2015 1128 views

What majors would I need to take to become an Art Therapist for teens or kids?

Hi I am a freshman in high school and I was wondering what majors for college I would need to take to be an art therapist for teens and kids. I want to go into therapy and I want to know what to do to get there. #art #majors #therapy #teenagers...


Santa T.’s Avatar
Santa T. Santa T. Oct 12, 2015 899 views

How to make a transition from fine arts to design?

Hello, I am studding plastic arts and recently I rediscovered my passion for geometry and spatial expressions, I would love to pursue a career in design rather than becoming an artist. Even though plastic and applied arts are similar disciplines to study, I worry that requirements in job...

#environment #art #industrial-design #design #architecture

Trenton M.’s Avatar
Trenton M. Trenton M. Oct 21, 2015 1040 views
shannah T.’s Avatar
shannah T. shannah T. Feb 24, 2016 756 views

how early should someone in high school start making portifilos?

it's just a question that just came to me and i was just wondering because when i find the answer i can help me by letting me know if should start now or a little later in my high school years. #internships #art #fashion #success...


lauryn N.’s Avatar
lauryn N. lauryn N. Mar 02, 2016 702 views

What majors would I need to look into if I were interested in being a producer and art director.

I am currently a high school senior and I am interested in music, art , and media. I am not set on being a producer and art director, but it had been suggested to me and I am considering it. I would like to know if there are any specific majors I should be seeking and also any other careers...

#music #art #media

kevin D.’s Avatar
kevin D. kevin D. May 14, 2016 782 views
Chrisanthi P.’s Avatar
Chrisanthi P. Chrisanthi P. May 16, 2016 815 views

What should you be prepared for as a freelance artist fresh out of college?

This could apply to architecture, fine arts, graphic design, or anything similar. I know at this point in my life that I wish to do something with art. What originally discouraged me from making this decision was the "starving artist" trope. Many people assume that artists can't make a living...

#artist #graphic-designer #fine-art #preparation #art

Carmen M.’s Avatar
Carmen M. Carmen M. May 18, 2016 716 views

Is it worth the time and money to get a degree in Fine Arts?

Interested in getting a degree in Fine Arts #art #artist...


Kayla S.’s Avatar
Kayla S. Kayla S. May 18, 2016 771 views

I am majoring in art but i haven't narrowed it down from there yet. What major in art would be the best career wise?

I like all kind of art and I am not sure if I want to major in design, or graphic art or visual art. There are so many different branches in the art field. I am not sure which would be best. #art #fine-art...


Emma D.’s Avatar
Emma D. Emma D. May 21, 2016 553 views

What Job(s) Can I Get with a Studio Art Degree?

I'm a senior in high school so I haven't exactly figured out my life yet but I know I'm going to get at least a bachelor's degree with a major in studio art. I didn't really look into what kind of jobs that i can get with this degree because I decided that i wanted to go to college at the last...

#experience #artist #career-choice

Samantha K.’s Avatar
Samantha K. Samantha K. May 22, 2016 1527 views

Career in art education... Worth it?

My art teacher keeps telling me that one day I will also become an art teacher. I've always been set on editing, but I had always thrown around his idea as well and now that he mentions seeing it in me, I'm more seriously considering it. It would also be an option that would be flexible enough...

#career-details #art-education #art #financial-planning #education

Kelsi W.’s Avatar
Kelsi W. Kelsi W. May 27, 2016 863 views

Would it be considered illogical to pursue a career in art while I attend college due to the fact that the world seems to be focused on technological and scientific advances as opposed to artistic abilities?

I absolutely love everything about art! It is perhaps one of my biggest passions. While I do want to pursue my dreams, I want to also be able to survive in the...

alexis R.’s Avatar
alexis R. alexis R. May 27, 2016 696 views

is it a good idea to start interning at museums or art related places?

i want to get involved in my art community and hopefully find a job that specializes in fine arts #art #fine-art...


Andrew P.’s Avatar
Andrew P. Andrew P. May 27, 2016 1428 views

How easy is it to get into the art industry.

I have always loved art and plan to pursue a career in that field after college. #art #drawing #painting...


Karen P.’s Avatar
Karen P. Karen P. Aug 08, 2016 1408 views

How can I pursue a career that does not assure financial stability in the future?

I want to ask this question on behalf of some of my friends who are struggling with the same situation. These particular friends are unimaginably talented in the things they like to do. For example, one may excel in art and another may be superior in music. As you and I may know, finding work...

#financial-risk #financial #art #financial-stability #lucrative #profitable #music #future-careers