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How do I get a job in interior design with a HND qualification?

I am a 3D interior design student studying my HND and I am looking to get into the design industry once I have achieved my qualification in May 2021. I love coming up with mood boards and themes for designs and let my imagination run a bit wild with new projects. #interior-design #design #interior-designer

what is HND ? Lakshman Rao

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2 answers

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Andy’s Answer

Pitch yourself. Approach employers. Show your work. Don't tout your previous accolades until asked. Demonstrate your abilities via a selection fo samples. I work a merit-based job and everyone judges unfairly you until you show skill, then they judge you fairly.

What a translation. What I said is the following: Hop up. Go see the employers. Show your work. Don't praise your compliments before they are asked. Show your worth with examples. I work in a field where merit is valued and what you contribute counts for that. They will judge you for what you teach, so teach what you should receive. Go ahead and good luck. Andy J-B

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Juane’s Answer

To become an interior designer without HND qualification, you can look for courses or programmes accredited by certified interior decorators.

Recruiters would prefer a relevant degree, foundation programs or other qualifications with respect to subjects such as architecture, fine art, furniture design any any other.