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Career Questions tagged Cashier

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Voc Feb 16, 2022 266 views

How do you manage money? How do you make sales?

#cashier #money

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Voc Feb 16, 2022 245 views

How Much Wage Do You Get As A Cashier?

I Am A 8th Grader Seeking A Job When I Grow Up. #cashier

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Britteny Dec 01, 2021 490 views

How do you deal with customers when they are rude ?

#career #cashier #customerservice

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Hope Nov 17, 2021 419 views

How do you become a cashier

I am 18 years old #cashier

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Oct 14, 2021 317 views

how do you become a cashier?

I am 17 years old

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tyler Nov 09, 2020 304 views

How do I get a job being a cashier?

I need help on how to get a job being a cashier. I want to know how much it costs and how I arrive there.

Yashaswini’s Avatar
Yashaswini Oct 20, 2020 287 views

What next?

I have completed my and am not sure what to do next. Am awaiting for some advice. I preferably need Job. Thanks in advance #cashier

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Antonio Apr 25, 2017 1713 views

Any tips to help ease the worry of a good interview?

I recently got my permission to work in the U.S, but so far I've been struggling my interviews. I have been applying for several jobs and I've gotten call for interviews. When I do the interviews, I always try to give a good impression but after the interview I don't get call back about the...

Sindhu’s Avatar
Sindhu May 10, 2016 810 views

I want to become a bank manager

I have completed 10th, so iam interted in bank manager so please help me #cashier

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Mar 17, 2014 1117 views

do i need to know math really well if i wanna work as a cashier

im not sure if you need to be good at it or no #cashier