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Career Questions tagged Legal Services

Raabia’s Avatar
Raabia Apr 13, 2018 700 views

What is the relative success rate of individuals of finding a good job as a legal consultant?

I appreciate law and am very interested in the fields of both political science and business. I intend to pursue both as an undergrad in a double major. I also attend to go to law school, however am not sure that I would practice as a true lawyer.

#lawschool #legal-services

Justaney’s Avatar
Justaney Jan 20, 2018 745 views

Are internships a good thing to do while in high school and in college ?

My mom has some friends in the legal field and they've offered me the opportunity to intern with them so I can get "a feel" for the practice but I don't want to pick up something I might not want to do.
#experiencelaw #legalintern #legal-studies #legal-services #women-in-law

Miranda’s Avatar
Miranda Jan 17, 2018 766 views

what is the best major for a future child-advocate lawyer?

#child-advocacy #college #college-major #lawyer #law #legal-services #children

Regan’s Avatar
Regan Jan 16, 2018 13570 views

Is being a lawyer fun or it is mostly like doing paperwork all the time?

My parents want me to become a lawyer, but I’m not sure. #undecided #lawyer #law #legal #legal-services

Maarij’s Avatar
Maarij Jan 15, 2018 1177 views

How does an average workday look like for a corporate lawyer. And is it what you expected?

I am a freshman in college majoring in legal studies in business science, and hope to one day be litigation lawyer. #law #corporate-law #legal-services

Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela Jan 03, 2018 840 views

I'm in 7th grade and I was wondering what it's like to be a lawyer?

In school I've always been interested in history, specifically law and government. I just wanted to know how it would affect my daily life or how many classes and years it would take to be prepared.
#law #lawyer #attorney #legal-services

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Jul 29, 2017 773 views

What is the best way to present yourself in a resume if you have a mentaI diagnosis which previously inhibited your loyalty to a company and you jumped from job to job?

I had a very difficult time staying at one job because I could not focus on my work and actually needed to multiple things at one time to keep myself in check. I was a great multi-tasker, but the job would soon bore me and I would not be able to do it without feeling severe anxiety. I only...