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what is the best major for a future child-advocate lawyer?

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2 answers

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George’s Answer

Hi Miranda,

Great question! To go to law school it doesn't really matter what major you have, as most areas of law the only education you need is to go to law school. To be a child-advocate, it might be best to look into schools that have social work, psychology, or sociology majors. After college, when you starting looking into law school, you might want to think about getting your MSW (Masters in Social Work) while getting your JD. I have attached a link to Boston College's website as an example of possible programs to look into.


Best of luck! And please feel free to reach out with anymore questions!

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Jasmine’s Answer


You can major in any area and go to law school. Traditional majors have been English, Political Science or Government majors, as the government majors help with an understanding of the U.S. governance, while English helps with the vast amount of reading, and with honing writing skills. I did feel that my criminal justice classes were a good foundation for criminal law and criminal procedure classes taken in the first year of law school, but it is not necessary. I would say that doing internships in college at family and/or public interest clinics will give you insight into whether this is an area of family advocacy is one in which you are truly interested.

Jasmine recommends the following next steps:

Check out the joint degree program of MSW/JD at NYU http://www.law.nyu.edu/jdadmissions/dualdegreeprograms/jdmsw