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How is IB beneficial and how does workload compare?

Is it easy to get credit for IB? Is IB harder than college? What's different between workload in college in and IB? What did IB help you with? #credit #ib

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3 answers

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Paul’s Answer

Hi Mark,

I finished the IB program in 2017 when I graduated from high school, and now attend UCLA as a current third year. IB is definitely more difficult to get credit for in some college programs - especially in the US where the AP route is generally more accepted. As for whether IB is harder than college, in my opinion of course, IB was definitely harder because in college you set your own agenda. IB, was for me, a strict guiding arrow that consisted of a lot of deadlines and side projects. College is essentially what you make of it, so I catered my own college experience to something that is different from my experience with IB. However, with that said, IB has definitely helped me work with deadlines within college. 3,000 word essay due in tomorrow at midnight? No problem. Group project due in 3 hours? Already on it. Personally, IB turned me into a production machine when it comes to crunch time. But like they said, diamonds are only made under pressure. Good luck!



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Nicholas’s Answer

It gives you a jumpstart to your college studies, that i'm sure we all wish we had when studying through college. That 30 extra credits is beneficial especially to a career in accounting where you can avoid grad school to sit for the CPA. Also it prepares you for a higher way of studying and prepares you for college

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Mark!

You asked a very important question. Here is some input that might be helpful?

Best of luck! Please keep me informed. I would like to follow you progress!