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journalism and media

I completed my bachelors in journalism and media want a #job in #journalism and #media in #usa

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2 answers

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Don’s Answer

Congratulations! Welcome to the club. I have a bachelor's in journalism and a decade of experience at small, medium and large-market papers over the years. Here's a few words of advice:
If you haven't graduated yet, join your school's student newspaper, like yesterday. This'll give you truly invaluable real-life experience and help you see if journalism and newspapers are right for you.
Even if you have graduated, consider an internship. You'll gain real-world experience and get your foot in the door while you're learning the ropes.
Another good alternative is to look for freelance work at newspapers, commonly called stringing. Newspapers of all sizes hire stringers to fill the gaps in their coverage their full-time staff can't handle. They're also a great gateway to full-time work.
If you're ready to jump in and look for a full-time gig right away, there's some great journalism-specific job boards out there, like www.journalismjobs.com that are a great place to start.
Lastly, don't get discouraged by early rejection letters or a lack of response to your applications. You're entering journalism at a very tough time, but also a time when journalists are needed more than ever. So be patient, be persistent, and remember rule No. 1:
Make the important interesting.

Good luck!

Thank you sir i appreciate Arash B.

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John’s Answer

You should pursue internships as well as jobs. You also should network as much as you can. Keep reading the good writing. Keep reading the journalism on the subjects you want to cover. . . . It's hard for me to be more specific without knowing more specifics about you and your situation.