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Jesus G. Mar 15, 2016 1101 views

What is a big mistake people make when they come to interview for a job in investing?

For those of you who have interviewed people for investing jobs, what are some of the big mistakes that you’ve seen? I would like to avoid them in any interviews I get in the future! #finance #interviews #financial-services #investment-management #investing...


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Alisha S. May 05, 2016 799 views

What is the worst career mistake one can make?

Just curious what the worst possible-scenario could be... #jobs #career-paths...


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Serion B. May 07, 2018 304 views

How long should it take to become a sucessful broadcster ?

I would like to have a great career ion that field if the NFL does not work out I still would like to have a major hand in the sport #sports-broadcasting #sports #broadcasting #communications...


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Elisabeth S. Aug 21, 2018 204 views

If I get into a college with the sport I want to play but not the program I want, what should I do?

I want to study radiology but I want to play my sport. Would a premed program work? #sports...


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Kyle C. Sep 24, 2019 94 views
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Nancy O. Apr 21 691 views

Strengths and Weakness interview Question Help!!!!!!!!

I do not know how to Answer my strengths and weakness? I guess I really don't know it. Since it's the reason why I don't get a callback. How can I find my strengths and weakness? where do I start? #interviews #career #career-counseling #job...


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J B. Apr 22 130 views

What is the traditional path to becoming a journalist in this day and age?

#journalism #writing I am a 15-year-old student at a tech school in Massachusetts looking to become a journalist, as stories are important to me, truth is a necessity to me, and writing is my...

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Gilbert C. Apr 26 223 views

How can a high school student volunteer remotely amid the pandemic?

Hey! I'm a energetic high school student who wishes to help out. I have experience with vex robotics, math and other things....


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Mae Ling C. Apr 28 139 views

How should I ask to shadow a professional?

I'm looking to shadow an SLP, but I'm unsure about how to approach them. #speech-pathology #job-shadowing...