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What part time job can a journalism student get?

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Brooke’s Answer

Good morning,
What a great question. I speak from experience as I love to write, meet new people, and take photographs. I was a journalist for a local newspaper in my hometown. It was not a large paper but I thoroughly enjoyed the interviewing process as well as taking pictures to accompany my articles. My favorite was from a local turkey farmer and I was able to see from the beginning of him getting the babies all the way up to the processing and being sold to the community. I would encourage you to look into local newspapers, see if they are in need of a journalist. Some may request a pro bono article or two to see your work. I would also encourage you to reach out on social media, let your friends know you are looking for a journalism opportunity.
Best of Luck to you and dont give up
If one person says no, keep moving forward.

Take care,