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eyms’s Avatar
eyms Jul 18, 2021 346 views

Health Related Studies

Hello, this year I will be a senior, and I am thinking of studying medicine, or nursing. I'm an international student, i really want to study in the US and get a full ride scholarship. For which one would it be easier for me to get a full ride scholarship #nursing #scholarship #nurse...

sabin’s Avatar
sabin Apr 30, 2021 423 views

What about mechanical engineering

My name is sabin. I am a smart boy.i want to know about mechanical engineering

Rishikesh’s Avatar
Rishikesh Apr 15, 2021 332 views

How easy it is to find a job in chemical engineering in the US for people not living here?

I am from India and applying for US based chemical engineering positions but not getting results. (I am a US citizen)
#foreign-education #us

Waqas’s Avatar
Waqas Mar 28, 2021 264 views

Basically i am an accountant try to apply jobs & please let me knowwhat is the toughest part of the jobs for me ?

i am an accountant i am applying to get the opportunity for a job
please let me know the above Question-answer? #us

Cynthia’s Avatar
Cynthia Aug 27, 2018 417 views

Why are physical therapist programs difficult to enter?

#us #physical therapy

Reva’s Avatar
Reva Jul 25, 2018 514 views

Is AP European History difficult? If so, in what ways?

#ap #professional #us

Litzy’s Avatar
Litzy Jul 12, 2018 659 views

How do I not give up on myself?

I have been losing my will to do things . How do you keep yourself motivated to do things ?

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Feb 26, 2017 488 views

HR or manager faces internship in Mainland China

I am not sure wether I will work in North America in future. I decide to have first formal internship this summer in China. But much information told me that Chinese work experience would become useless. #us #work-experiece

Qiqi’s Avatar
Qiqi Oct 23, 2016 655 views

If a person wants to be like, say, a cardiac surgeon, how many years if extra training does he/she need to go through?

I was just wondering actually...I know that if you want to go into like a specific area of surgery, then you would need extra training in that field. #medicine #surgeons #us #cardiac

Stefani ’s Avatar
Stefani Sep 01, 2015 826 views

What is the proccesof becoming a u.s custo,

imasking this question because I don't know the procces #us