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How easy it is to find a job in chemical engineering in the US for people not living here?

I am from India and applying for US based chemical engineering positions but not getting results. (I am a US citizen)
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Thank you comment icon Hello, Can you please give us a bit more details on your background so I know how to help best? - Did you go to university in India or US? - Any experience working in India for an international firm? Best, Hammdy Hammdy Beydoun, PMP

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1 answer

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Rodrigo’s Answer

Hi Rishikesh S.

I dont think so, what I will advice you, is find first a job in a enterprise that is in your country and the US, you can first start at you country and then will be very easy to request a job in the same enterprise but based in the US.
Thank you comment icon This is good advice, if you are in a position to be able to work in India - often US hiring managers are unfamiliar with foreign training institutions (even places like IIT) and reluctant to take a chance on someone with imperfect English. If you are applying to big firms, they are unlikely to place you near the top of their (larger) applicant pools. The smaller the company you apply to, the more likely the unfamiliarity will come into play. It may help to emphasize that you are a US Citizen and do not require a visa or sponsorship; specifying you do not require relocation costs may also help. Good luck! Robert Rossi
Thank you comment icon Thank you! Points noted Rishikesh