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Many things! But mostly chemistry and chemical engineering
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Vahe G. May 20, 2016 2752 views

Is it worth to do M.S. and/or Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering for a future engineer if they already have B.S. in it?

Currently I am a chemistry major, and I am planning to switch to Chemical Engineering but I am not sure how much I should learn to be a competitive engineer....


Erica C.’s Avatar
Erica C. Jan 25, 2018 341 views

For a chemistry undergraduate major what non academic courses helped to make a difference?

Academic classes teach us basics, but there are non academic classes that allow you to be creative and help further your education. I would like to know what non academic classes would go along with a chemistry degree that will both help me as an individual and as an intellectual....

chemistry medicinal-chemistry

Trinity M.’s Avatar
Trinity M. Jan 30, 2020 315 views

Biomedical engineering or chemical engineering

I am a junior and im not sure if I want to do biomedical engineering or chemical engineering. What different jobs can I get straight go of college with each of these degrees? My goal is to work out of college then pursue my law degree and become a patent lawyer in the field I was previously an...

chemical-engineering engineering engineer

Gwen T.’s Avatar
Gwen T. Feb 29, 2020 247 views

How do you study for Chemistry?

I am taking Intro Chemistry and having a tough time remembering all the laws, rules, how to read and find certain information on the periodic table, and all the various math problems. How do you go about studying for Chemistry?...


Aleksandra B.’s Avatar
Aleksandra B. Jul 29, 2020 282 views

How did you know you wanted to pursue a chem/bio PhD?

Currently, I just finished my first year at Northeastern as a Biochemistry major. I have some experience as a research assistant and would like to volunteer in a lab next semester. I am premed, but there is still some time to think about grad school. I am very interested in research as well,...

phd chem gradschool july20 bio biology research chemistry

Declan E.’s Avatar
Declan E. Mar 11, 2021 141 views

How much paperwork is involved with being a chemist?

I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, or rather I don't know what I don't want to be. I'm interested in science, so my top careers are physicist, chemist, astronomer, and engineer. I've found chemistry really interesting lately but it seems like there would be a bit too much paperwork...


Violeta E.’s Avatar
Violeta E. Jul 03, 2021 374 views

What type of work do chemical engineers do at different companies?

After identifying my goals and narrowing down some choices chemical engineering seems like a career of a great fit. I will be attending Georgia Tech this fall and am now thinking of creating career goals. This made me think about what is the day like for chemical engineers that work at...

chemical-engineering career engineering engineer

Jillie M.’s Avatar
Jillie M. Jul 30, 2021 179 views

Career choices for chemistry

I am a high school senior and did the Johnson O'Connor assessments for careers. My results show that I should do something in chemistry or biology, preferably a job where I work more independently and that requires advanced education beyond a bachelor's. I do love chemistry/bio and have done...

chemistry biology college

Areum K.’s Avatar
Areum K. Sep 17, 2021 116 views

Is it possible to start a business/company as a chemical engineer?

Hi there, I want to be a chemical engineer when I grow up, but I also want to start a business/company. Is that possible, and if so, how does it work?...