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Gracey W.’s Avatar
Gracey W. Sep 05, 2018 314 views

What kind of High School classes do you need to take for a music teacher??

I am an 8th grader at school in Indiana. I enjoy music so much. Music is my life. I want to be a music teacher when I get older. I have chosen this career based off of my love for music. I have been playing music and singing since I was born basically. music musician music-education...


madie B.’s Avatar
madie B. Aug 11, 2018 196 views

what’s the easiest way to fit school and sports together

I am planning on player college volleyball and would like to know how to juggle it all...


Robin K.’s Avatar
Robin K. Apr 08, 2017 1090 views

What do you do when you don't have the answer for an interview question?

Let's say you're in an interview, and they ask you if you have any experience in this field. Instead of saying just "no", how could you word it better? job interviews...


Allison B.’s Avatar
Allison B. Mar 15, 2018 405 views

What do I need to become a psychologist or mental health professional?

I want to know what kind of degree is needed to become a psychologist. I have searched the internet for answers to this quite a few times, and the answers range anywhere from a 4 - year Bachelor's degree to a M.A. or even a PhD. I would also like to know what kind of degree is generally...

psychology psychologist mentalhealth clincial-mental-health mentalhealthprofessional mentalhealthawareness psychotherapy

Madison M.’s Avatar
Madison M. May 17, 2016 614 views

What are some career opportunities for a student who is majoring in mathematics and interested in engineering?

I plan on majoring in mathematics next year, but I am very interested in engineering. The college I will be attending does not have a major in engineering, so I am curious to see if math can get me to engineering in graduate school. engineering mathematics...


rachel W.’s Avatar
rachel W. Sep 01, 2017 409 views

How much more money do people with a degree make over someone with a highschool diploma?

I need to make a decision to go to college or start working right after highschool....


Ellen R.’s Avatar
Ellen R. May 08, 2016 898 views

What are job options for those who have product development and product design degrees?

My current college major is product development and it is a topic that interests me very much. I am wondering what careers are possible for me career development...


Joshua M.’s Avatar
Joshua M. Jan 17, 2018 451 views

Do you have any resources for identifying different types of jobs after receiving a degree in finance

I will be attending a college in Michigan to obtain a degree in Finance, but I am not for certain what all type of jobs would be available in that field, other than financial services. I am curious to see what else I might be able to do with this degree. finance business college...


Savannah S.’s Avatar
Savannah S. Apr 18, 2018 428 views

What can I do in order to prepare myself to be most successful in pursuing an Kinesiology degree?

I have a passion for fitness, science, and nutrition, which makes a Kinesiology degree prefect for me. However, I wish to begin my college career as prepared as possible, and I am curious as to what steps I need to take to be on the correct path to the degree of my dreams. fitness...

doctorate-degree nutrition science kinesiology

grace B.’s Avatar
grace B. Dec 17, 2020 719 views

I'm a marketing major in my 3rd year - but I loved my accounting class! How do I know which to major in?

I am currently a third year student in marketing. I switched to marketing at the beginning of my third year, so the business classes were knew to me. I will be graduating late. I took accounting 1 this fall and I absolutely loved it - which is weird for me to say. I didn't know anything about...

college advisor advice marketing business accounting major career majors jobs

Matt M.’s Avatar
Matt M. Sep 05, 2018 558 views

What equipment do I need to professionally stream video games on Twitch.Tv

I am a kid and I like to play video games such as fortnite and I was wondering what stuff I need ot have a high quality stream. video-game-design gaming video-games game-design...


Tiffini J.’s Avatar
Tiffini J. Jul 24, 2018 486 views

Human Resource management

How can human resource management benefit someone looking to manage a 24 unit rental property? realestate...


Brian R.’s Avatar
Brian R. Jan 23, 2018 426 views

Does it really matter where you get your degree?

Does it make a difference to get a degree from a community college rather than a big name university? college college-selection...


Bree W.’s Avatar
Bree W. Sep 05, 2018 342 views

What is the best construction for me?

I like build and repairing things. I work well with others, and I am good with instructions construction...

Japheth D.’s Avatar
Japheth D. Sep 18, 2019 245 views

How do you become Distinguished in welding to become a manager

Hello my name is Japheth a student from Jobcorps an I'm studying welding an I'm concern on how to become top manager in welding and what is the procedures you have to conquer to become...


Harshith A.’s Avatar
Harshith A. Apr 02, 2020 375 views

how To finalize on college selection ?

Hi ... I got selected in UCLA for economics and university of Cincinnati for honors LHP program in business analytics with a presendential scholarship. Now I am confused if I should choose college where I don’t pay anything or a big college like LHP which would be a big loan for me ? On what...

college undecided

Megan H.’s Avatar
Megan H. Sep 04, 2018 408 views

What is a good college to go to?

What college are better to fit my comfort? Is there any close colleges? What college helps the best? Is it within my range of learning? college-advice college-selection college-bound student...


Sarah B.’s Avatar
Sarah B. Sep 29, 2017 361 views

In the long run, how beneficial is taking out a loan for college?

I'm just curious so I know all of my options for college and my future financial stability. loan...


anderw C.’s Avatar
anderw C. Sep 04, 2018 288 views

Can i be a biologist in Indianan. How much will i make. What else will i have to know.

i am looking for a job that allows me to be a biologist that study all types of DNA and animals, plants, and virus. I would like to look into selective breeding and more. biologist....


grace B.’s Avatar
grace B. Apr 23, 2020 498 views

Would a major in Strategic Communications with a Business minor or a major in Marketing be best for a career in business?

I'm ending my second year in college and am having trouble with my major. I haven't necessarily decided on one yet. I'm deciding if I should do Strategic Communications with a Business minor or apply to the business school and do Marketing. I'm planning on applying no matter what but I would...

college stratcomm future marketing business communications entrepreneur comm major career college-major

Grace R.’s Avatar
Grace R. Sep 04, 2018 311 views

what are lawyers payed

lawyer Whats the difference between beginners and advanced...

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