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michael S. Oct 01

what is a typical day like in your job ?

i am automotive...


Japheth D.’s Avatar
Japheth D. Sep 18

Is Mig & Tig a good part of welding to start in as job?

#job I wanna know what entry job I should do to make 15$ a hour starting on with exp an...

Japheth D.’s Avatar
Japheth D. Sep 18

What is a great Location to start at in Welding

I'm concern on what is the top category in welding you have to do to make a comfortable living style #money...

Japheth D.’s Avatar
Japheth D. Sep 18

How do you become Distinguished in welding to become a manager

Hello my name is Japheth a student from Jobcorps an I'm studying welding an I'm concern on how to become top manager in welding and what is the procedures you have to conquer to become...


Olivia G.’s Avatar
Olivia G. May 12

How many years does a bridge over take in College in the medical field?

Hi, I am Olivia Lynn Gilley. I am 13, and I go to South Ripley Junior School. I have always been around nurses and doctors. I also babysit. I am in love with the medical field. #healthcare #medical #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #doctor...


Olivia G.’s Avatar
Olivia G. Aug 03

What is a bridge over in the medical field?

I am Olivia. I am 14 now, and I love to keep babies for babysitting....


Omar H.’s Avatar
Omar H. Aug 19, 2018

Best resources for developing in Information Security?

Such as resources for learning specific programming/scripting languages (Python, Perl, bash), sites for knowledge in skills like cryptography, pen-testing, pcap analysis, etc....


Mason C.’s Avatar
Mason C. Sep 05, 2018

I want to work at microsoft

I like microsoft and designing #microsoft...

Madisyn O.’s Avatar
Madisyn O. Apr 04, 2018

is there anyway to get scholarships for medical school

After my four years of undergrad I want to go into medical school but I know it will be expensive #medicine #scholarships #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #doctor #medical...


Zephaniah W.’s Avatar
Zephaniah W. May 31
Omar H.’s Avatar
Omar H. Aug 19, 2018

Information Security Conventions for beginners?

What are some of the best InfoSec cons for people gaining interest in this field?...


Maggie W.’s Avatar
Maggie W. Aug 24, 2018

What degree would educate one enough to open their own coffee shop up?

I'm aiming to get my associates degree and creating a plan to revise over the course of school so that once I complete my two years, I can follow my plan and open my coffee shop. Is an Associates degree enough to open my business or should I get a higher degree? #business #college #coffeeshop...

#businessowner #associates #businesswoman

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Akua A. Aug 20, 2018

How can international students graduate without having any loans when he/she is on a partial scholarship and is in need?

#scholarships I don't want to have any loans and I have applied to many outside scholarships already. How can I graduate without...

Samuel S.’s Avatar
Samuel S. Sep 05, 2018

What are the strains put on you as an aerospace engineer?

I'm an 8th grade student going back and forth between a biomechanical engineer and an aerospace engineer, and I'm leaning more on the aerospace side. After looking through the different job requirements and such, the deciding factor for me will be what the strains are for each job....

#mechanical #aerospace #aeronautics #engineer #aerospace-engineering

Natasha S.’s Avatar
Natasha S. Sep 04, 2018
madie B.’s Avatar
madie B. Aug 11, 2018

what’s the easiest way to fit school and sports together

I am planning on player college volleyball and would like to know how to juggle it all...


Haley P.’s Avatar
Haley P. Sep 05, 2018

What does the day in the life of a vetrinarian consist of?

How does being a Vet affect everday life? #animal-health #veterinarian...


Kyla J.’s Avatar
Kyla J. Sep 04, 2018
Olivia G.’s Avatar
Olivia G. Apr 15

How often are OBGYN doctors or nurses called out for an emergency?

How often does it happen or just a good explanation of a #doctor work day is fine...

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Savannah S. Apr 18, 2018

What can I do in order to prepare myself to be most successful in pursuing an Kinesiology degree?

I have a passion for fitness, science, and nutrition, which makes a Kinesiology degree prefect for me. However, I wish to begin my college career as prepared as possible, and I am curious as to what steps I need to take to be on the correct path to the degree of my dreams. #fitness...

#science #doctorate-degree #kinesiology #nutrition

Simone M.’s Avatar
Simone M. Apr 13

I need help with finding a job for 16 year old with no experience

Cashier retail something that train 16-17 years old with 0 experience...

William W.’s Avatar
William W. Sep 04, 2018

United States Navy Seabee

What should I do education wise, to become a seabee? #military #career...


drew H.’s Avatar
drew H. Aug 22, 2018

what clubs or organizations did you join in college?

At the Ohio State University...


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