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Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Toluca, State of Mexico, Mexico
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Jason’s Avatar
Jason Jan 30, 2023 1439 views

How was your experience in college as a computer science major?

I will be attending college next year and I am wondering what I should expect.

Zephaniah’s Avatar
Zephaniah Jan 31, 2023 482 views

Questions about the programming Industry!

Hi, I'm currently interested in knowing more about programming jobs in my area, San Jose CA. I'm 17 years old and I have been interested in programming for almost 5 years I learned some coding languages but I wanna expand and learn more about game development and website development I have a...

Marcos’s Avatar
Marcos Jan 30, 2023 269 views

How can i learn about being a mechanic

I want to be a mechanic but I have no knowledge about being mechanic. It's something I want to do when I become an adult.

Melinda’s Avatar
Melinda Jan 30, 2023 1166 views

What careers use AI/Machine Learning?

I'm interested in getting a career in AI. Which jobs work with it regularly and what education should I get to get there?

kelly’s Avatar
kelly Oct 27, 2022 537 views

How to decide whether you want to go into veterinary school or nursing school?

I've been thinking about going into the veterinary field as I have always loved animals but I also love helping people. Which field should I decide on? Any tips/thoughts would be appreciated!

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Oct 27, 2022 566 views

What programming languages do software engineers use?

I am wondering what kind of coding languages should I focus on to be a software engineer.

Victor’s Avatar
Victor Oct 27, 2022 686 views

Majoring in Computer Science

How difficult would say majoring in computer science is?

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Oct 26, 2022 674 views

What are jobs that allow me to work on the computer?

What are jobs that allow me to work on the computer?

Yuanbiao’s Avatar
Yuanbiao Oct 27, 2022 417 views

What should I learn if I want a job in programming?

I am a high school student.

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Oct 25, 2022 572 views

What are the key basics to computer engineering?

I know computer engineering does include more than computers but I have built a computer in the past.

Are we getting in depth of what certain parts do(motherboard, cpu, RAM, etc) and how to build them?

Aspen’s Avatar
Aspen Oct 27, 2022 584 views

How to start Architecture?

I am highly interested in Architectural design and wish to know how to start on the path to a civic architect.

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Oct 27, 2022 557 views

What are some good companies for software engineering?

I want to know some companies that I should strive towards.

Jalen’s Avatar
Jalen Oct 27, 2022 430 views

In what major ways does coding help the world?

Where is coding helping the most in the world and how is it helping.

Khiem’s Avatar
Khiem Oct 27, 2022 680 views

What type of work environment do you usually prefer when being software engineering?

I want to become a software engineering and that is my question I want to know most

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jan 24, 2022 559 views

Would you recommend aerospace engineering?

I've recently had a newfound interest in aerospace engineering; however, I know it's a very challenging field to get into. Is there anything I should be warned about before following this path? Would anyone recommend this field?

#engineering #aerospace-engineering #aerospace