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My name is Emily, and I am a junior in high school. My career goal is to become an aerospace engineer or get into the field of bioengineering.


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Emily Apr 05, 2022 362 views

Can colleges reconsider admitting a student if the student performs poorly their second semester of senior year?

Although I’m not yet a senior, I’m worried about how I’ll perform in the future since I know a lot of seniors who’ve lost motivation their second semester.

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Emily Apr 05, 2022 271 views

Would taking Calculus 3(multi-variable) during high school be a wise choice for an aspiring engineer?

I’m currently a high school junior and I’m taking Calculus 2. Should I consider taking the next level of calculus at a local college next year? Will this help me progress faster or would it make no difference whether I take it now or later?

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Emily Jan 24, 2022 482 views

Would you recommend aerospace engineering?

I've recently had a newfound interest in aerospace engineering; however, I know it's a very challenging field to get into. Is there anything I should be warned about before following this path? Would anyone recommend this field?

#engineering #aerospace-engineering #aerospace

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Emily Jan 24, 2022 552 views

Does anyone know of any internship/program opportunities in STEM?

I'm currently on the hunt for some easier to get into internship/program opportunities in computer science, artificial intelligence, aerospace engineering, and neuroscience. So far, I have found opportunities, but with low acceptance rates, and I need some back up options to fall back on. The...

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Emily Sep 18, 2021 624 views

How do I figure out what career I'd like to pursue in the future?

All my life, I've only been exposed to the most generic careers. ie. careers in the medical field, law, computer science, engineering, education. I've done research, but because I've only seen those select few careers in action, I'm not really sure what interests me. School isn't exactly...