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San Francisco, California
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Get into a good college that has good computer science classes, programming, video editing, and Photoshop classes. Get into editing.


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Yuanbiao Jan 30, 2023 511 views

What Languages such as C++, python, java, node js, html, etc.. should I learn first What's the order that's easiest??

A high school student that's interested in programing.

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Yuanbiao Oct 27, 2022 342 views

What should I learn if I want a job in programming?

I am a high school student.

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Yuanbiao Oct 24, 2022 414 views

What do you need to learn in high school to become a good programmer and video editor?

In high school, what classes should I take?
How is it helpful?

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Yuanbiao Mar 10, 2021 418 views

How often do fashion designers make their designs?

I am a creative person so I am researching about fashion designs. #fashion