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Arham Jan 29, 2021 730 views

How to find jobs as a freshman in this pandemic

I’m an international student who just moved to LA to attend SMC #college-student

Julio’s Avatar
Julio May 07, 2020 1067 views

How many years does it take to study computer science (engineering)?

What kind of work could you do with this profession?#salary #salary-range #computer-science #engineering

Cornelius’s Avatar
Cornelius Apr 01, 2019 1592 views

How does make money?

I wish to know how this awesome project ( makes money in order to ensure the project is running through out.
#meta #CareerVillage #nonprofits

Cyrus’s Avatar
Cyrus Mar 15, 2019 699 views

What is the entry/median/experienced pay for electrical technicians?

I am interested in becoming an electrical technician, but I am unsure what the pay is like at the start, and how it grows over time as I get more experience. Thank you. #electrical-technician #electrician #electrical-systems #electrical-engineering [This question was revised by an admin for...

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Mar 18, 2019 1042 views

How much is an entry salary with a CCENT certification

#computer-engineer #cisco

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Davien Mar 21, 2019 694 views

What's the pay for a engineer?


Vernon’s Avatar
Vernon Feb 16, 2019 797 views

how Do I Initially Begin Buying & Selling Stocks? Should I Look Into Day Trading Penny Stocks ? Or Should I Invest Larger Amounts Into A Few Companies & Wait Until i Can Sell The Stock For More Than I Paid ?

Im Just Now Looking To Invest In a Few Companies To Make Some Money, I Just Have No Clue Where To Start.
#StockMarket #Business #HungryForInformation #entrepreneur

Allan’s Avatar
Allan Feb 06, 2019 573 views

Is there a lot of math involved in management construction?

#math #management

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Jan 11, 2019 453 views

How many years of college do I need to study to become an engineer?

Once I get into college, what specific type of classes do I need to take? And for how long? #engineer

German’s Avatar
German Jan 10, 2019 663 views

What are some things that people should consider before going into the medical field?

#medicine #college #doctor

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Jan 21, 2018 1555 views

Does the college you go to for mechanical engineering affect you in future job employment?

#engineering #mechanical-engineering

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Nov 04, 2018 2398 views

How much calculus do you need for biomedical engineering

#biomedical-engineering #engineering #math#calculus#medicine #stem

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Dec 01, 2018 693 views

What kind of degree should I get if I want to specialize in biomechanics or tissue engineering

#engineering #college #science #bioengineering