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Does the college you go to for mechanical engineering affect you in future job employment?

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To continue, I think we need to define what a university is compared to a school, in terms of higher education. This should help provide a better understanding for the remaining of my post.

A "university" is a group of schools for studies after secondary school. At least one of these schools is a college where students receive a bachelor's degree.

One thing to consider, just because the university is the best, does not mean that the engineering school or specific engineering school shares the same ranking. For example, I went to a top 100 US university, but they were ranked number 1 in the nation for their school of journalism." - https://www.studyusa.com/en/a/107/what-is-the-difference-between-a-school-college-and-university-in-the-usa

So to answer your question, search for the best school of engineering (I would even narrow the search down to what field of engineering) you can get into, or a school of engineering you want to target (depending on your current academic year.) But don't freight if you are not accepted to the best school in the world. There are plenty of successful engineers from all different educational backgrounds, just try your best!

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You should only consider colleges with an ABET accreditation. Most companies seek out college graduates from universities with an ABET accredited degree. Furthermore, it is a lot more difficult to get licensed without an ABET accreditation degree.

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Yes. Good colleges makes good professional people, but you need to be dedicated, the college isn't a warranty that you will reach your goals, you must focus and learn all you can and never stop studying. Keep always improving your knowledge.

Glenn’s Answer

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Yes. Besides being ABET accredited, the more prestigious employers do recruiting at the better ranked schools. I have known many engineers who are very talented who went to lesser known schools. However, as a rule the top schools get the more motivated students who become the more motivated engineer.

Short answer, if you are talented and prove yourself, you will have a great career. If there are reasons that you cannot go to a highly rated school, but still apply yourself, you will do well. After you have some experience, the school matters less that what you have done in your career is what you will be judged on.

Lisa’s Answer

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Only for your first job.

As my esteemed colleagues have noted, a degree from an ABET accredited program is important, but it's also important to know how many engineers graduate each year compared to the number of incoming freshman, how many graduate in 4 years, how many get jobs within 6 moths after graduation, placement rate for internships and co-ops.

Finally, student debt is a huge concern. Please do not take on more than one year's salary in debt -- so no more than $15k a year or $7.5k a semester (starting salaries vary depending on disciple and location, $60k is a reasonable expectation). There are plenty of schools out there that offer quality engineering programs without crazy high price tags.

Once you've landed your first job, the rest is up to you. Alumni networks are helpful, but your hard work and success as an engineer is up to you.

Andrew’s Answer

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Definitely yes. for more info, the ABET Accreditation is not a required but it is prefered if you want better job offer.
I disagree! From my experience an ABET accredited program is a must nowadays.
Not really, depending on the State you are living in as well. There are people started from technician (T1 -> T3) and work their way up to either T4 (Senior Technician) or E1 (E1->E4 are Engineering) without having any abet accreditation school qualification (also known as Engineer by training) usually it takes 15 years of professional experience to be considered as an engineer by training. (by the way, Engineer by Training is a different concept from engineer in training)
Dear Andrew, In the recruitment world, all three companies (global presence and leaders in their domains) I worked for only hired engineers from universities that are ABET accredited. Not sure what your experience is, but I disagree with your advice. Best, Hammdy
Hammdy, I also agree that ABET is definitely yes (my first 2 words in my original answer), but I just state the facts that I saw. The requirement to grant a professional license for Engineer changed but there was a period of time, one can apply for PE license without an ABET accreditation school. Sorry for the black out but here is an example of promotion announcement email. https://sketch.io/render/sk-b27afd44e20ef4148c44c986916dd7f9.jpeg

Sam’s Answer

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Yes, the college you attend matters. You must go to a college whose mechanical engineering program is ABET accredited. Sam
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