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I would love to be successful in mechanics, can I get guidance?

[This question was translated from Portugese into English by a site admin with the help of Google Translate] Translated question: I have a technical course in mechanics, bad work as a salesman, because of the outsourcing of labor in the sector, I can be successful without having a degree in...

#technical #mechanic #mechanical-engineering #mechanical

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Daniel Z. Mar 04, 2014 419 views

What's a good minor for engineering?

I hear people talk about their minors all the time and I have no clue how to choose one that relates to my major. #engineering #college-selection...


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how much money would you get to be an engineer

Hi I want to know how much money would you get for being an engineer #engineering...


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Jesse A. Apr 25, 2016 623 views
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What exactly is engineering?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career....


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Keerthana M. Apr 26, 2016 386 views

nursing is useful to people

i want to be a nursing because helping for...

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Pravin K. Apr 27, 2016 311 views

how to prepare the work?

please answer the quetion...


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what are important steps to engineering

i think so there is something about engineering #ios-and-jailbreaking...


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Why is logarithm very difficult?

Hi i am Nandhini. i am studying 9th standard my question is why logarithm is very difficult? #teaching #teacher #professor #mathematics...


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How do I become a civil engineer?

i am from a government school in India called J B nagar bengaluru. I'd love to learn more about the process for becoming a civil engineer. #professional #engineer #engineering #civil-engineering #career...


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What is the most impactful project a bio-medical engineer can work on in their career?

I am still deciding on what career I would like to pursue. I want to do something that will leave an impact for others to benefit from, therefore I want more information if bio-medical engineering is for me. #engineer #biomedical #science #medicine...


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John L. May 11, 2016 568 views

Are 5 year combined BA engineering/MBA programs worth the extra time and expense?

I'm applying to college next year and several schools are offering such programs...