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What major do medical school admission officers tend to be more interested in?

Updated Ewa Beach, Hawaii

I am an aspiring orthopedic surgeon and choosing my major has always been an issue for me. At first, I planned to major in biology, but considering that it is a more broad aspect of science, I had doubts. Now, I am thinking of majoring in biochemistry because it focuses more on the molecular level. I am not too sure which major would land me a spot in medical school. I do understand that I need to take the MCAT and get my bachelor's degree, but what major are the medical school admission officers more interested in? #medicine #surgeon #biology #biochemistry #chemistry #college-major

2 answers

Andrew’s Answer

Updated Mountain View, California
Science: Math, Bio, Chem, Engineering... Philosophy (believe me it is real, the ability to think is important) and mostly any major The key is be in the major that you are THE BEST or atleast in the group of the best.

Hwal’s Answer

Updated Roanoke, Virginia

Hey Carl,

I see the question is from a few months ago. I wonder what major you're in? I'd say the most important thing is to pick a major that interests you, because the fact is, you can get into a medical school with any undergraduate major. There are many things admissions committee will look at in evaluating your application, and your undergraduate major can possibly be one of the least important of so many factors consisted.

Pick something you enjoy, Carl. Good luck!


Hwal recommends the following next steps:

  • Make a list of majors you would enjoy
  • Pick the major you think you'd enjoy the most