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Shannon M.’s Avatar
Shannon M. May 12 107 views

What are three important things I should know about being a CNA?

I want to know more about the challenges of being a CNA , and what is the typical work schedule.

Kourtney J.’s Avatar
Kourtney J. Nov 22, 2021 184 views

what kind of things should i expect in this field ?

I am interested in the medical field. #healthcare #medical #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

Madelyn T.’s Avatar
Madelyn T. Nov 23, 2021 182 views

What is it like working with kids during covid?

#pediatrics #pediatric-nursing #medical #medicine

Ariel C.’s Avatar
Ariel C. Aug 02, 2021 213 views

What are some ways to help me make a decision for my future ?

I’m not sure if I want too be a nurse, doctor, or go into law what are some ways to help me make a decision? #medicine #law #doctor #nurse

Shinah K.’s Avatar
Shinah K. May 24, 2021 212 views

Steps to becoming a PA from HS

I’m interested in the medical field and would love to know more about a variety of jobs in the field. #general #medicine

Jaydalee P.’s Avatar
Jaydalee P. Jun 17, 2021 390 views

How to become a certified nurse assistant?

I tend to love helping others in need. I enjoy helping my own mother out with duties she needs to take care of. I’m a person for others can come and talk to me if they’re dealing with some personal things I like helping others. #healthcare #nursing #healthcare

Selvapriya A.’s Avatar
Selvapriya A. Jul 04, 2021 182 views

Can I study Physician Assistant after I have graduated in biochemistry (B.Sc)? istry

I am studying undergraduate degree in biochemistry ,currently in third year. I want to become a physician assistant. I wish to study physician assistant program after I've completed my B.SC degree. What are the steps to become a #physician-assistant ?

Tim Z.’s Avatar
Tim Z. Oct 19, 2020 183 views

What are the expectations for someone in the position of a medical practitioner?


Jessica H.’s Avatar
Jessica H. Jul 16, 2020 1266 views

What are the requirements to become a physician assistant?

#physicians-assistant #career

Kurt E.’s Avatar
Kurt E. Nov 21, 2020 488 views

How difficult will it be to accumulate hours, without a gap year for PA school?

I am a high school senior planning to be a physician assistant. I have been reading that the majority of PAs take a gap year or two to work enough hours for a competitive to PA school. I have also read that some worked their hours in their four years of undergrad. Initially, I was planning to...

Daniela T.’s Avatar
Daniela T. Aug 24, 2020 317 views

Whats the best career decision you've ever made?

#medicine #medical #doctor #doctors #high-school #sat #advice #medical-field

Daniela T.’s Avatar
Daniela T. Aug 21, 2020 489 views

What medical profession do you recommend people to pursue?

#medical-profession #medicine #high-school

Jessica H.’s Avatar
Jessica H. Jul 14, 2020 201 views

Have you worked with many foreign nurses?

#nursing #healthcare

Toluwanimi O.’s Avatar
Toluwanimi O. Jun 23, 2020 306 views

Do you need an iPad + stylus to be successful in the med school in the US?

I frequently watch "day in the life of a med student" videos on YouTube and every med student seems to have one. #medicine #doctor

Jeff S.’s Avatar
Jeff S. May 16, 2020 279 views

How do I know which healthcare field to choose (MD vs. NP vs. PA, etc.)

#medicine #premed