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Sara’s Avatar
Sara Jul 04 343 views

What’s the best way to go about getting an internship as a high schooler?

I’m interested in biomedical engineering and medicine. Thank you!

Aarushi’s Avatar
Aarushi Jul 05 403 views

What are some career options if you major in genetics in college?

Is there a lot of demand for these jobs? Or is it limited?

brook’s Avatar
brook Dec 11, 2023 350 views

how do you know a job is right fot you?

how do you know a job is right for you

Emilka’s Avatar
Emilka Jun 20 246 views

If I'm interested in pursuing medicine what kind of jobs should I get as a teen?

I'm a highschooler interested in medicine and I was wondering if the job I get has to be related to this. I'm going to try and do volunteering this summer along with babysitting but what job should I get? I was thinking an acai bowl shop but I'm not sure if that will be okay.

Usha’s Avatar
Usha May 25 285 views

Can u get a MD in psychiatry after completing Bsc in psychology ?

Completed my 12th and want to be a psychiatrist through bsc psychology . Is it possible?

Gabriell Bienne’s Avatar
Gabriell Bienne May 20 207 views

What are the ways to explore different medical professions in university?

I am a current senior going into a 4-year university, upcoming fall, to pursue my dreams of working in the medical field. I am still unsure of how I find my place in the medical field world. I've heard of behind-the-scenes doctors and those with patient care and want to know more.

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany May 21 217 views

What Is the most challenging part of becoming a PA (Physician Assistant) And what is a good way to prepare for these challenges? #Spring24 ?

Additional Information about me is I'm really passionate about healthcare. And I enjoy it because I'm helping other people, feel like their best self. At the moment I am working on obtaining my CNA license. And plan on going to college to become a PA this really interested me because not only...

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander May 23 464 views

How do I proceed ?

I’m not sure how to continue my journey, or at least make it easier to come out of high school. I would like for my career to be in the medical field.

Ava-Gail’s Avatar
Ava-Gail May 20 255 views

How long does it take to become a surgical physician assistant? Will there be additional years after PA school because of extra training for surgery?

Is there extra training additional to the 2 years of PA school.

June’s Avatar
June May 12 199 views

What are the things to follow in order to be qualified to study medicine?

What are the things to do to study medicine?

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny May 16 194 views

What can I do to become a good medical practitioner?

I desire to be a good medical practitioner so as to save the life if many

Dominique’s Avatar
Dominique May 09 223 views

What is the best way to succeed in school ?

What is the best way to succeed well in high school and what to do to be successful

Karl’s Avatar
Karl Apr 27 251 views

What does the field of medicine entail?

What does the field of medicine entail?

Kanwal’s Avatar
Kanwal May 10 227 views

What is Mental Health? How does it work? What does it look like?

I've noticed that mental health is a significant topic in our society today, and I'm eager to understand it better. I've heard differing perspectives, but I'd appreciate a real-life explanation of what mental health entails, beyond what textbooks offer. I understand mental health might vary...

Yerelin’s Avatar
Yerelin Apr 26 212 views

how would college affect my mental health?

if there is any affects what is some recommendations for that? is it more like time management or something more mental related>