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charlotte’s Avatar
charlotte Sep 11 102 views

how do i find a intership during college?

I want to know how to find an internship when in college to help me be able to learn more about a career and to have an advantage when applyin to jobs later on

Bell’s Avatar
Bell Sep 06 125 views

What do you do to get in your speciality ?

What After you go to nursing how do u get in your speciality

Annie’s Avatar
Annie Sep 04 45 views

What knowledge does a special education teacher needs to know?

Hello, I am going into 9th grade and I've been thinking about doing a special education career, or possibly a counselor if I did a job in a school. I was in special education for most of my life until 8th grade. It was much different to be in a study hall than special ed. I did miss it but I...

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Aug 31 68 views

What’s a good career to work with kids?

What’s a good way to grow experience working with children? I’ve always liked kids and would love to have a career working with them it’s my dream job..

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Aug 16 60 views

How important is your major in the Non-Profit sector?

I'm trying to decide on my major, I am between Public Relations, Political Science, and Anthropology. I would like to work on the political end of Non-Profits.

Bella’s Avatar
Bella Aug 04 136 views

Do you have any advice on note-taking in college?

I’m starting college this fall and struggled with note-taking in high school.

Nunu’s Avatar
Nunu Jul 20 44 views

How do I rewarded for learning about my interests?

11th grade

zack’s Avatar
zack Jul 14 116 views

how do u become a chiropractor?

im 16 years old going into my junior year of highschool what classes and steps should i take to be a chiropractor? What are some good chiropractic colleges?

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jul 10 107 views

When should I start finding a passion project to do?

I am a 10th grader should I be starting a passion project? I have an idea to start a jewelry business and donate profits to a certain neuro research organization

Linnea’s Avatar
Linnea Jun 29 127 views

How do I find more hobbies to expand my scholarship applicability?

I'm only in 9th grade, so I know I have time, but I'm starting to think about college scholarships. I'm on a swim team but I'm not particularly fast compared to kids my age and even younger. I'm a straight A student but I know scholarships will require a little more than just academic success....

Linnea’s Avatar
Linnea Jun 29 104 views

How can I find challenging academic classes outside of school?

I'm only just going into HS and really want to start taking AP classes in a year or two, but my school only offers a few starting in 11th grade, and there are no honors classes. This last year wasn't very challenging for me and I'm anxious to really push myself. I'm really interested in math,...

Brayden’s Avatar
Brayden Jun 29 133 views

How can I work in Pro Sports as a strength coach/ exercise physiologist ?

How might I work in pro sports. I am a high school student interested in working in sports, in either the strength and conditioning, or sports medicine. What are more specific careers inside of those industries that would allow me to work with professional or collegiate sports.

Cole’s Avatar
Cole Jun 29 127 views

How do I become a popular bartender and make my way up into more popular cities?

I am wondering because I would like to bartend in New York City. Even if I have to start off small I would like to go to NYC.

Linnea’s Avatar
Linnea Jun 29 164 views

Could a bubbly person thrive in financial/business planning and guidance?

I'm interested in math and helping people, so financial or business planning/guidance seems pretty cool, but I'm nervous about getting bored at work. I'm a bubbly people-person and love problem-solving. However, the idea of going into a career with so much paperwork and office work seems awful,...

Jacinta’s Avatar
Jacinta Jun 29 112 views

When is the best time to start reaching out to college coaches for Division 3 sports?

I am going into my junior year of high school and was considering playing basketball in college.

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