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How do I become a civil engineer?

i am from a government school in India called J B nagar bengaluru. I'd love to learn more about the process for becoming a civil engineer. #professional #engineer #engineering #civil-engineering #career #college

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4 answers

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Veijay Bhaaskar’s Answer

There are several ways to become an engineer, civil engineer or any other subject
1. Classical root of 12th class and take an entrance test and join an engineering college, this will be a 4 year course.
2. After 10th Class , do a 3 year diploma course , for which you need to take an entrace and similar to engineering entrance, based on marks you score you get into a college. The difference is instead of 11/12 or PUC you do a 3 year diploma course in engineering/civil engineering. After which you can take another entrance (which is only for diploma holders) and get in to an engineering college, but the engineering is only 3 years for you unlike for the people who come from 12th class.
3. This is a harder option, you can do after completing diploma in civil engineering you can take Private classes and become an engineering thru the AMIE route, where only labs are mapped to a near by college, but most of the subjects are done in private classes , there are institutes that train diploma students for AMIE

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Akshaya Kumar’s Answer

Be ready to work outside in the field! Also be good at mathematics

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Andrew’s Answer

be really good in math and physics, and chemistry (basic chemistry) to understand structure and designing process. Chemistry for understanding material properties. practice reading blue print.

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Jyoti’s Answer

Hi Bharati, good to hear that you are planning to become civil engineer!! Basic needs are as below.

  1. You need to choose Science-PCM and a subject of your choice in PUC(10+2).
  2. Good understanding and good scores in Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics as they are the main subjects which are considered during the Entrance exams like IIT JEE,AIEEE,CET(state level) etc.
  3. If you are good in drawing, measurements and have knowledge in 2D,3D it will help you as Civil Engineering has subject like CAD(Computer Aided Design).

Also, there is an option to take up Civil diploma after your 10th.

All the Best !!