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I want to be a youtuber and go to college. What college can I go to?

I want to become a YouTuber (Blogger, Musical Artist, and Actor)and I know you don't need to attend college for that. But I actually want to go to college. What college can I go to? #college #youtube #career #influencing #social-media

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2 answers

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Andrew’s Answer

There is No limit to what you can do as a YouTuber. You can do mechanic and do videos about cars, machine, CNC. You can be a phlebotomist and teach people how to locate a vein, You can be a doctor and give advice when people feel under the weather. Anything you do can be recorded and upload to youtube. However, it helps if you can write and speak fluently and it is a very good point when you can have skills in video editing. Do Your Dream, but learn extra skills in your spare time. You will good to go.

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Kristina’s Answer

Being a Youtuber and getting a great education are both terrific aspirations! Going to a strong college can help you develop the skills to be a successful Youtuber, while also giving you the education and credentials to have a "back-up plan" (sorry if I sound like a mom here :) I agree with Andrew - figure out what your unique passion area is and pursue that. You mention music and acting, so you might consider a college with a great music or theatre program. You may also want classes in communication skills, video editing, or creative writing. Those could lead to a good "day job" and experience while you build your YouTube following. Best of luck to you!