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Career Questions tagged Influencing

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin May 09 96 views

How could I grow a bigger community online?

I want to get advice on how to grow a bigger community because I want to be able to make my own brand but I know I have to start somewhere.

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler May 08 107 views

What do i need to become a professional gaming streamer?

I like playing video games on my free time. Some say that I have potential, and I think I should embark on this journey.

Xzaevia’s Avatar
Xzaevia Nov 29, 2022 445 views

How do I start an in/exterior design/real-estate company that can one day turn into a global influential brand?

Hi! My name is Xzaevia! I have a BA in Community Development and Design for Social Impact. I want to create something in this world that combines aesthetics, functionality and social impact.

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Dec 23, 2017 764 views

What courses should I do?

I'm 16 and college isn't far away I want to #travel a lot and do #YouTube when I'm older but I have no idea which type of college courses would be best for them both? #influencing #study-abroad #working-abroad #college

Fernando’s Avatar
Fernando Dec 20, 2017 774 views

I want to be a youtuber and go to college. What college can I go to?

I want to become a YouTuber (Blogger, Musical Artist, and Actor)and I know you don't need to attend college for that. But I actually want to go to college. What college can I go to? #college #youtube #career #influencing #social-media

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Oct 20, 2017 1099 views

What career path should I choose ?

I love hearing stories and caring for others. I also really want to positively influence people . #sociology #stories #humanitarian #communications #thought-leadership #college #college-advice #college-majors #positivity #influencing #public-relations